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🌟🎄A Christmas Poem for Lusties🎄⛄️

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



I wrote you a poem yesterday to celebrate this most joyous of holidays, to get myself into the Christmas spirit. And also because 2500 DVDs had just arrived in the office…

‘Twas the day before Christmas, 

And all through the Store,

The Lust Team were wrapping, 

Sex toys, and much more!

There were how-to guides,

and new XConfessions, 

Ball-gags and vibrators,

And things too hot to mention 😉

And a Merry Christmas from the strong, fantastic women in my team who carried all those DVDs into the office two days ago. Who run the world? You know!

Now remember, today is a day where you can eat so much that your stomach hurts, children are allowed chocolate for breakfast and Cava in bed is a very reasonable expectation. Thank you for being such incredible supporters of the movement towards ethical adult cinema. And if you are new to the Lust family, welcome! Next year has some big things in store, and I hope you will be right here with me to explore, discover and excite.

Much love and warm kisses,

Erika xxx




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