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30 December, 2010

Ever thought about shooting a sex movie? Ever shot you and your girl/boyfriend while having sex and thought “hmm, this is cool”?

My next book, Shooting Sex, will be a guide on how to shoot your own explicit movie and it’ll be out in 2011…

Until then, here’s a preview of the book and its introduction so you can know more about the project and start thinking about your future creations…

Open publication – Free publishingMore lust films


Already some years went by since I finally succeeded in doing something that I had been obsessed with for quite a time: doing an explicit movie matching my requirements, trying to change the very foundation of conventional porn. The story was called The Good Girl and was about a sexual encounter of a normal girl – could have been one of your friends or even yourself – and the dreamy pizza boy that fulfills all her expectations. I relieved myself from the clichés of porn and started to design my master plan to show the world that a different kind of porn was possible; a cinema with a female touch, with elaborated esthetics and characters with credible motives and real feelings. The Good Girl was a great success career-wise as well as artistically.

I am a political scientist, so I was more than familiar with the academic world, and I never studied cinema. That is to say that I always liked to write and I enjoyed the long nights in winter in Stockholm watching films in my room. I started to build my own small film archive in my restless adolescent mind, and to shoot the most memorable sequences from Pasolini, Bergman or Spielberg with my retina. Stories are nutrition as needed as proteins, I thought.
28 December, 2010

I recently discovered Dirty Laundry, Nadine Thornhill‘s sex column on Apt613 and after reading quite a lot of it I decided it was worth spreading here.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Nadine Thornhill is an award winning playwright, actor and spoken word poet. She lives in Ottawa and she is the Program Co-ordinator for Planned Parenthood’s Insight Theatre, a unique non-profit, public education theatre program created by, for and about youth.


Committed to connecting people to their neighborhoods, Apt613 is Ottawa’s digital alter ego, a platform for participation and community building, a place where you can learn and talk about new and exciting people, places, and goings on.

Dirty Laundry

Every last Friday of the month you’ll find the Dirty Laundry sex column on Apt613. Relationships, sex, porn trends, contraception… Nadine talks about everything with a simple, fresh, natural and down-to-earth style. Far from Cosmo’s 10 tips to lose weight, Nadine stays real and provides us with a pleasant and useful column.

Single, in a relationship or even unable to define your “status”, you should check it out.

Nadine Thornhill dirty laundry

23 December, 2010

A while ago I talked about the female gaze and about how real male erotiscism is hard to find… That’s why I would like to share with you some pictures to exercize our female gaze, as a Christmas present…

You’re free to send me your pictures and findings and of course to comment…

You may also submit your creations to by sending me an email:

Enjoy! and Happy Holidays to all!

by Dilan Ricci

from Descomposed blog

from Descomposed blog

by Will McBride via Descomposed Blog

by Will McBride via Descomposed Blog

via Descomposed Blog

via Descomposed Blog

by Antonio Betancur via El Diván Rojo

by Antonio Betancur via El Diván Rojo

via Geeky Porny Girl

via Geeky Porny Girl

via Sex Is Not The Enemy

via Sex Is Not The Enemy

via wwtt

via wwtt

21 December, 2010

Good news!!

My latest book, The Erotic Bible to Europe, is now available as an App on iPhone, iPad and Android!

So from now on, everywhere you go you can take with you a whole guide of the best erotic places in Europe!

On holiday? On a business trip? Or in your house? You can instantly find the erotic places that are closer to you and which will satisfy your needs and expectations according to your mood: nudist beaches, love hotels, erotic boutiques, lingerie, sexy restaurants, art galleries… coming with pictures, descriptions, maps and everything you need to choose the perfect destination for a sensual moment.

I wasn’t sure Apple would accept an erotic app but I was pleasantly surprised to see it on iTunes. The App is worth 4,99€ and of course you need to be at least 17 to download it :)

Download the APP here

Here’s a preview…

erotic bible to europe app iphone

erotic bible to europe app iphone

erotic bible to europe app iphone

erotic bible to europe app iphone

erotic bible to europe app iphone

15 December, 2010

Justin Aaberg. Billy Lucas. Cody Barker. Asher Brown. Seth Walsh. Raymond Chase. Tyler Clementi.

What do they have in common? They didn’t think it would get better. And they killed themselves. They were excluded, bullied, degraded, humiliated, even tortured. Why? Because they were gay, or suspected to be gay by their peers. An upcoming term for this seems to be bullycide – and statistics seem to prove that schoolkids being bullied are more likely to commit suicide. They didn’t believe in a positive future anymore, and they didn’t have any support or gay role models showing them that they can get through and that it gets better. After this series of suicides, Dan Savage and his partner Terry created a YouTube video to tell LGBT youth everywhere that it indeed gets better.

According to the NY Times, Dan had the idea after he blogged about the suicides and a reader commented: ‘I wish I could have told you [talking to the boy that killed himself] that things get better.’ Dan felt the same way. He regularly speaks at colleges, but wouldn’t get permission to do so at middle and high schools. But not to leave those kids to ‘parents, preachers and teachers’ who ‘believe they can terrorize gay children out of being gay as they grow up’, he did the first video. Inspired by this initiative, the It gets better project was founded, first on YouTube and later on its own website, after it reached the YouTube video limit in the second week. It’s a worldwide movement against harassment, with 5000 users and more than 15 million views. On the homepage young people can listen to the stories of people who had similar problems, and how – and most importantly THAT it got better, and that they can have the same in their future. People sharing their stories and people seeking help.

There’s a lot of interesting contributions, like for example openly gay lance corporal Wharton from the British military, also a number of celebrities like Janet Jackson. As well as a lot of politicians contributed to the project, even Barack Obama:

Whatever it may be, the only advice is to stick it out, to get through – it will get better. After graduation things will change rapidly, popularity contests, peer pressure, bullying drops off (basically you never have to see the people from school again if you don’t want to), you can leave the small and conservative little town, you can find a working place where you’ll be accepted and you can be yourself openly, you’ll get more independent from your family, and they might even learn to accept it.

Hold out – it gets better!

10 December, 2010

Hey everyone,

I’d like to present my brand new initiative: It’s a website on which you can share your sexual fantasies, anecdotes, memories… without censorship. Since lately Facebook&co have been censoring everything with a nipple, I felt the need to create a place where everyone could talk about sex, say words like fuck, orgasm, boobs… and have a nice time sharing and reading stories. And it’s completely anonymous so no worries on this side.


Besides, we created a gallery with illustrated confessions featuring designs, pictures and drawings from the Internet. If you want you can even suggest your creations and your findings and send them to me so I can upload them on the website, as long as you give the author’s name (and url if possible).

There are already a few confessions, I hope you’ll help me boost the site up and share your deepest thoughts…

You can also share your favourite confessions on Facebook and Twitter…

So far, which confessions is your favourite?

8 December, 2010
To celebrate the inauguration of Lust’s new collection of erotic vinyls – Lujuria de Barcelona – today starts a special and very kinky contest on Facebook and Twitter in which you can all participate.

What can you win?

One of the Lujuria de Barcelona’s erotic vinyls.

How to participate?

Choose your favourite vinyl from the collection and tell me where you would put it in your house. You can give me your answer by posting it on my Facebook wall or on Twitter, like this: @erikalust the “lust for life” vinyl #lujuriadebarcelona
The person whose answer I think is more original will win the prize. The winner will have to send me an email with his/her name and address to and I’ll send the vinyl right away, just in time to put it under the tree.


The contest starts today Wednesday, December 8th and it’ll last for a week, until Wednesday, December 15th.

If you have any questions, you can comment this entry.
Can’t wait to read your answers!
lujuria de barcelona

lujuria de barcelona

lujuria de barcelona
2 December, 2010

Hey everyone,

On December 16th I will personally welcome you at Lust Store in Barcelona for an exclusive sale! (physical shop, not online).

All products will have a 10% discount and if you spend more than 30€ you’ll get the Life Love Lust DVD for free.

There will also be hot wine and ginger biscuits (Swedish tradition).

The event will take place on Thursday, December 16th at

Lust Store
C/ Pujades 74-80
2o 2a B
(Metro Bogatell)

from 5pm to 10pm

If you would like to come, please RSVP on Facebook

I’ll see you there! And Merry XxXmas!

Here’s a little sample…

Lust Christmas sales sextoysLust Christmas sales sextoysLust Sales sextoysLust Christmas sales sextoysLust Christmas sales sextoys

30 November, 2010

Maybe you’ve already been able to appreciate all the erotic and aesthetic content on Geeky Porny Girl… a tumblr web that its author, Amber, aka Lady Porny, updates with lots of quality pictures far from sexual taboos.

To celebrate Geeky Porny Girl‘s one-year-birthday, Amber decided to organize a special design contest which I’m happy to support and spread.

GPG’s Tees Graphic Contest is a design contest which aims at celebrating the creative human spirit through unique designs around sex, glamour, eroticism, joigning design and textile together. Another goal is also to participate in the upcoming opening of an online shop..

So basically everyone can send his/her design until December 25th at midnight. There will be three winners whose names will be announced on January 14th, 2011. Each winner gets one free t-shirt with their own design.

So if you want to know more and participate in this cool initiative, you can visit the official website, Geeky Porny Girl and also follow GPG on Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s a preview of all the pics from GeekyPornyGirl