Let's make a porno

After nearly a decade writing and directing independent erotic films, Erika Lust has answered countless interviews, letters from fans, film students, and budding performers … all about one thing: how do you get into making adult films?

Let’s Make a Porno is an illustrated guide  [read more]

La canción de Nora

La Canción de Nora (Nora’s Song) is Erika’s first erotic fiction novel, and is particularly near and dear to her heart since she’s dreamed of this opportunity her whole life. Released in February 2013 in Spain, this novel is expected to be translated and released in several countries in the  [read more]


Porn… For so many women it is a dirty word, a taboo topic. Even with porn’s prevalence in the world today, so many women are still afraid of it: unsure of what exactly porn is, what constitutes “good” porn, and why it should matter to them.
Good Porn: a Woman’s Guide  [read more]


In this illustrated guide to Europe, Erika Lust shows us the best erotic places on the old continent: nudist beaches, aphrodisiac restaurants, erotic boutiques, luxury lingerie stores, cabarets, love hotels, swingers’ clubs, fetish boutiques, designers & parties – from kinky to chic, London to Benelux!
Organized by region and country, this  [read more]


A book providing the modern perspective on many bedroom practices that may be considered taboo: to be tied up or tie someone else up, role-play and costumes, giving pain and receiving it, being a strict dominatrix or a submissive slave, punishing your partner or being punished by them.
Venus O’Hara and  [read more]