La Canción de Nora

La Canción de Nora

La Canción de Nora

La Canción de Nora (Nora’s Song) is Erika’s first erotic fiction novel, and is particularly near and dear to her heart since she’s dreamed of this opportunity her whole life. Released in February 2013 in Spain, this novel is expected to be translated and released in several countries in the upcoming year.

Nora is 24 years old, with character and zeal, a sense of humor, and above all the desire to enjoy life and whatever it throws at her. During the beginning of her exciting Film career in Barcelona, Nora is torn between two men who couldn’t be more different! Xavier: a young, ambitious, sophisticated producer. Matías: a passionate, attractive artist with the air of mystery. Whatever the outcome of this crossroads, her journey through lust in the Mediterranean is sure to be unforgettable.

Barcelona, Benidorm, Ibiza and the famous Costa Brava are the geographical center of this novel, that features a perfect mix of fleshed-out characters, high voltage erotica, and a story that breaks all the clichés of the genre. Irony and humor transform La Canción de Nora into a different kind of novel – more adult, more complex – in the landscape of erotica.

Available in Spanish & German.

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