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10 julio, 2015

As one of the most confessed fantasies, straight women are curious about experimenting with other women. Taking a step into the world of bisexuality, it can sometimes just a one night wonder, but other times it might make them question exactly what they want out of their relationships. This is what the talented and acclaimed French Director Ovidie explores in our new Lust Cinema release Le Baiser (The Kiss).

The film follows a young woman (Tiffany Doll) in a 10 year long relationship with a man (Rico Simmons). Sure of her sexuality, until she meets a seductive American artist (Madison Young) traveling through Paris. Sharing an intimate kiss on a bridge, the touch of her lips linger… Her mind is tortured by the desire to have a woman’s body. So after some time apart, the two succumb to their hunger and start a relationship.


25 junio, 2012

Photo courtesy of The Gloss

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Em & Lo guides to summer sex and outdoor encounters. Any academics out there wondering WHY we have sex?  Well, apparently there are 237 reasons and counting … Twelve ways to have lazy sex courtesy of iVillage … for when it’s just too HOT out. Showtime is adding a new series, Masters of Sex, about famous, groundbreaking sex researchers at Washington University during the 1950s … Should prove to be very interesting! This year’s CineKink Las Vegas kicked off with Cabaret Desire!!  

21 junio, 2012

Lo siento, este post esta solo en Ingles, no he tenido tiempo de traducirlo :( Porn is out there, it’s accessible, and it’s here to stay. Sex and porn are so inextricably linked that it’s as impossible to imagine the world without the one as it is without the other. Call me biased, but it seems prudent to me to educate the next generation on both topics, rather than just one (or neither, as is the unfortunate case for many) since ignoring porn, or even demonizing it, won’t make kids stay clear of it. Remember how having “the drug talk” with your kids became mandatory in the last 20 years? I think we now need the same thing, but for sex media: porn, erotica, sexting, etc. According to a recent New York Times article, there are parents who agree with me on this. Okay, so I doubt many have had the same kind of premeditation on the subject or it’s broaching as I have (see my last blog post), but I was so impressed by how the parents interviewed chose to deal with “the talk” after it became evident that their child had seen, or was interested in porn. And just like the most successful “drug talks” I’ve heard of, the parents with whom I was most impressed chose to educate their child in the most informative, supportive, judgment-free environment possible. On the heels of this article arrives one by the Los Angeles Timesa five questions piece regarding the recent book The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Struggle and What We Can Do About It and the authors’ findings that great exposure to pornography (as well as video games, interestingly enough) leaves young men isolated and socially stunted. I won’t argue this point, but I would like to add that this would probably occur under specific conditions: those being that viewing porn without any context, and without any real-world experience can be a very confusing thing. This is because the current state of mainstream porn is sad. From what I’ve seen, it rarely represents the typical human sexual experience in any way, and without that element of reality, reflects a kind of parallel universe of hairlessness, bleaching, diminutive speech, athleticism: a formula devoid of much pleasure, ending in ejaculation. I imagine teens being transfixed by this parallel universe, much like young children who reach up to touch the Sesame Street puppets shown on the TV screen, completely unaware that the images are in no way real. Regardless of one’s sex politics, I think there are few parents who want their children to think that that’s how sex is or ought to be. Maybe, as the Los Angeles Times interview suggests, there needs to be a closer marriage of reality and porn, something that brings it out from the shadows of isolation and instead adds to a person’s social wellbeing. All I can suggest, as I so often do, is seeking and promoting good porn. Something that leaves the viewer feeling good about their experience, rather than bad or confused. One parent from the New York Times article even went so far as to offer their child a couple of websites that they thought were appropriate, which would both offer their teen an outlet for their interest, and represent a positive sexual experience. It reminded me of a recent interaction I had in nearby Girona, during an art house screening of my latest movie, Cabaret Desire. Two middle-aged fans approached me to sign a copy of the DVD and we chatted. When I asked to whom I should make out the signature, the woman stated that it was for her son. “He’s sixteen, he watches porn anyway — so he’d better be watching this!” I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m thrilled when parenting and sexuality intersects, and appreciate the debates and conversations that arise when it does. So I’m particularly excited when two large news publications cover the topic of porn and parenting back-to-back like this. These discussions remind us that, just like one can’t rely on TV to be a babysitter, one can’t rely on porn to be their child’s sole sex-educator. That information has to come from the parent before they seek porn or have sex, and then maybe they’ll have a chance to be able to distinguish between good and bad porn, reality and fantasy, and leave them more connected to others and the outside world.

Este texto ha sido publicado también en la edición de Canada del HUFFINGTON POST
5 junio, 2012

Courtesy of Illiara@DeviantArt

My recent piece for the Huffington Post got me thinking about erotic literature.  For those of you who haven’t checked it out, I basically argued the merits of S & M pornography under the overarching theme of the Shades of Grey novels.  Through learning more about the books, and their wild popularity, I was inspired to start reading more erotica and I thought I’d share some of my reads with you!

I started with the oldest book on my list, Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, written by John Cleland around 1748 while he was imprisoned in London.  One of the most notorious pieces of erotic literature spanning two and a half centuries, Fanny Hill has only been legally distributed in the USA since 1973.

Young Fanny Hill, a rustic girl from the English countryside, travels to London at the age of 15, after both of her parents die.  She is immediately taken into a brothel, where she manages to somehow evade sex, though she bears witness to A LOT of it and has a few encounters with her roommate.  It’s here that she meets the love of her life, a young nobleman named Charles, with whom she promptly runs away, loses her virginity, and enters into an affair.  She lives with him, in an utterly blissful (super-orgasmic) state for three months, until mysteriously disappears, leaving her completely alone, friendless, vulnerable and catatonic with despair.

By her landlady’s design, Fanny is able to maintain her lodging by entering an agreement with a wealthy lord, Mr. H, who keeps her outfitted and furnished in exchange for his sexual satisfaction.  With Mr. H, Fanny realizes that sex can be pleasurable without any love between the two parties:

”Yet oh! What an immense difference did I feel between this impression of a pleasure merely animal, and struck out of the collision of the sexes, by a passive bodily effect, from that sweet fury, that rage of active delight which crowns that enjoyments of mutual love passion, where two hearts, tenderly and truly united, club to exalt the joy, and give it a spirit and soul that bids defiance to that end which mere momentary desires generally terminate in, when they die of a surfeit of satisfaction.”

However, after she’s caught having an affair with Mr. H’s well-endowed servant boy, Fanny is cast out in London once again, where she is able to find a place at an upscale brothel run by a Mrs. Cole and patronized by several young, wealthy gentlemen.  The brothel and the three other girls working there treated Fanny like family, and “… A defiance of awe, modesty or jealousy were their standing rules…”  It is here that Fanny gains most of her sexual experience: participating in an orgy, rape fantasies, fetishes, S & M, and anonymous sex.

In rapid succession, two of the working girls leave the brothel and Mrs. Cole retires, leaving Fanny to live off of her savings.  Now 18, she meets a wealthy older gentleman who treats her like a daughter until he dies, leaving her his estate. With this newfound wealth, Fanny tries to track down her long-lost-love, Charles, but can’t.  But on a trip to see the retired Mrs. Cole, Fanny randomly finds Charles at an inn, where they of course have lots and lots of sex.  Fanny tells Charles about the last 3 years of her life, and the myriad of sexual experience she has gained, he accepts it and they agree to be married.

The Good: If you’re a history nerd like me, or just really enjoy 18th century euphemisms, you’ll love both the flowery language and the historical-cultural insight.

The Bad: Obviously written by a man.  The female characters embody everything that would be desirable to a man, leaving them totally unbelievable at times.  But the sex is described from the woman’s point of view (and pleasure), which helps balance this out.

The Ugly: This book brings up a lot of sexual themes that are hard to swallow, if you’ll forgive the pun.  Among them are: rape, obligation, shame, and a woman’s general helplessness throughout so much of history.

Words of Wisdom: “Our virtues and vices depend too much on our circumstances.”

1 junio, 2012

The art of Nyotaimori, as found in Gourmet's Sex Issue

Gourmet Sex Issue ya ha sido publicado!  Sexo + comida = una combinación que no falla.

Las 10 escenas de sexo más surrealistas de Em & Lo’s  – felicitaciones  por incluir una escena muy sensual de A History of Violence!

Amanda Knox ha salido en la lista de las 100 mujeres más guapas de la revista Maxim … WTF?

Un nuevo y genial Tumblr quiere saber,  esto es feminismo?

Porno y gatos…el 99% del tráfico en INternet se junta en un nuevo increíble Tumblr: Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn

El verano ya está aquí, y aparentemente hay gente que quiere dejar de tener sexo para exhibir un cuerpo perfecto en la playa. No gracias! Más bien me voy a inspirar a estas mujeres del XO Jane Project y… a disfrutar a tope de la playa y del buen tiempo!

Siguiendo el mismo tema, una artista de calle de Hamburgo está mostrando los anuncios de bikini tal como son… retocados con Photoshop!

Y aquí va un artículo muy divertido acerca de como iniciar el sexo con dignidad.

¿Qué es sexy? Como sugiere Victoria’s Secret, las chicas delgadas y rubias.

Finalmente, una interesante recopilación de citas de las mujeres de The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet.

28 mayo, 2012

Este lunes me gustaría compartir algunas fotos eróticas con vosotros hoy … de las buenas, de las que son arte :)

Sensuales e intelectuales a la vez, estos desnudos fueron fotografiados por Edward Weston en la primera mitad del siglo XX. Weston era un fotógrafo americano activo entre 1911 y 1947, y el primero en recibir la beca Guggenheim. Trabajó conjuntamente con otro fotógrafo, Margrethe Mather, cuya parecida composición de objetos parece haber influenciado al estilo de Weston.

(circa 1925?)

Aquí os cuelgo una de sus fotos, la portada del libro de Barbach, “For Yourself”:

 El original:


Y aquí tenéis una versión de arte callejero en Berlín (pronto voy a esa magnífica ciudad! )

 Una de mis favoritas:


…Probablemente sólo es una impresión, pero me recuerda a la foto de Maryam Namazie del Nude Revolutionary Calendar de este año:

Y aquí tenéis un artículo en Feministing.

Me gustan estas fotos porque me recuerdan a esculturas – uno de los pocos artes que tienen un componente táctil. E, igual que los cuerpos humanos, creo que el arte es mejor cuando se puede tocar, no sólo mirar. Pero también les veo potencial al comparar a las mujeres con otros elementos o paisajes que solía fotografiar.

¿Cúal es vuestra opinión? ¿Creéis que una foto de desnudo es arte por sí misma? ¿O tiene que haber otro componente? ¿Tenéis algún fotógrafo/a erótico favorito?