Room 33

Room 33

Do not disturb! In this sequel to the award-winning short Handcuffs (2009), seductive duo Natalia Paris & Paco Roca return to their dark playground; this time seeking a third party. Room 33 is about the sexiness of travel, intimacy with complete strangers, and the allure of what happens behind closed doors.

To celebrate it’s grand opening, Barcelona’s Camper Hotel invited six filmmakers to shoot a 7-minute film, to be presented in a mini film festival. There were two conditions for the challenge – the directors only had 24 hours to film, and had complete artistic freedom for that space of time. Transforming this modern, plush boutique space into a dreamy Love Hotel, Erika Lust took the opportunity to shoot a steamy ménage à trois.


4 thoughts on “Room 33

  1. CJ

    Loved it! Would have liked to have seen some intimacy between the men as well though…

  2. Erika Lust

    I’m happy you liked the film! A lot of people want to see more action between the guys, so it will be something to look forward to in XCONFESSIONS :)

  3. Lea

    Will you film again with Toni Fontana?
    I LOVE him, he’s hot!
    He only fimed ROOM 33 and Cabaret Desire, riht?

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