Lust in the News: Sex & Environmentalism, Submissiveness & the Modern Woman, Hong Kong in Dry Spell, and More…

28 April, 2012

A few of my favorite news stories putting the ‘head’ in recent headlines:

Endangered Species Condoms - SF Weekly

  • Despite a horrible title, this article is an interesting discussion on what’s going on in the brain when you watch porn.  More specifically, what WOMEN’S brains do when watching porn.  Hurrah!
  • An interesting and kind-of-endearing article by a man on the aftermath of taking a Women’s Studies class, I found on ‘Who Needs Feminism’ Tublr.
  • An fascinating look at the social situation of those living in Hong Kong, and it’s effects on young professionals’ sex lives.
  • Two botched attempts at Sex Ed … only 1 from the USA.
  • Sexual harassment – there’s an app for that!