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No Glove, No Love – Best condom ads

I recently published on my Facebook page this swedish commercial for the Knulltradet condoms I thought was really original and well made. It’s based on the “Six degrees of Separation” theory which applies pretty well to show the dangers of unprotected sex. This 5-minute-long-video follows the sexual adventures of couples. They’re regular couples who enjoy sex like everyone, and, like many couples, not exclusively with their partner.

The video is also available on Lust Film Fest

Condom ads are usually very original and creative. Sex always calls people’s attention, however, it’s not that easy to make people understand and especially remember your message. Funny or controversial, they all have a different way to transmit their message to all generations. Here’s a small selection of condom ads I like.

There’s also a great selection of print condom ads here

condom ads

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