Tumblr treats

11 March, 2011

Here a few erotic tumblrs that I’d like to share, just to have a nice time and remember that sex is for everyone to enjoy freely and shamelessly. So enjoy! Although I wish there were more pictures of guys… If you have an erotic tumblr site don’t hesitate to share it in a comment!




Diary of a deviant


The other side of midnight


rêveries de nuit


6 thoughts on “Tumblr treats

  1. mariel

    gracias! no los conocía! te faltaron sex is not the enemy, stella mad moiselle, geeky porny girl…

  2. dorothy black

    every week (mostly) i blog one erotic pic that i found particularly cool and i’ve also noticed the sad lack of man pics. its a real pity.

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