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Valentine’s day, or why you should be reading XConfessions

So it’s Valentine’s day! I’ve already talked about it here and you know how I feel about the date (Netflix and ice-cream, remember?). But the fuzz is just so big that this weekend I’ve done something that I had been wanting for a long time: (re) reading confessions from real couples. You know, those who are in a steady relationship, who are happy and sexually satisfied with their partners… And it was awesome! Wherever there’s emotion, there’s energy to play around and find new adventures to live together. Because if there is one thing that sex can’t be, that thing is boring. So, if that’s happening to you, it might be time for some finger-licking cream:

Oh, if his eyebrows could speak. From the XC short film Eat With Me

I selected a few XConfessions to help you get inspired: 🔥


She’s been with her husband for 14 years and two pregnancies. And man, she was a horny pregnant woman…


On her neck, between her lips, over her nipples, touching her clit.


They’re boyfriend and girlfriend, and they are both bisexual. She’s a feminist, he’s still thinking about it. One day, he swipes mascara over his long blond eyelashes…


She’s a lucky lady! Her husband loves giving her massages… but one day, she felt four hands on her body. And it was amazing.


35 years, happily married, a weekend in the country house and a very, very special guest…

MAGIC MAGNUS (this one became a movie!!!!!)

They’ve been together for quite some time. Last month the’ve just laid next to each other in bed every night, holding our mobile phones… it was like they’ve drifted too far apart. But one night, when it was raining cats and dogs, she got home to a hot guy wearing leather pants that outlined the shape of his cock.

He said his name was Dallas.

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There are no limits. There are so many stories! Add some inspo to your wine and don’t be afraid of getting creative! And, after you’re both there lying on satisfaction, come to XConfessions and tell me (us!) everything about it. Happy sex!

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