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🌺Love Your Labia!🌺

Today I want to celebrate vaginas, vulvae, labia and everything about them!
🌼 🌸 🌺

Diversity is key to ethical, feminist adult cinema which can be enjoyed by everyone, so it’s our duty to embrace, acknowledge and celebrate people of all shapes, sizes, colours and body hair preferences – and this includes their vaginas! I never actually hire any male or female performers based on their genitalia. I don’t ask for images of their private parts before auditions and I don’t judge based on appearances. To me, a beautiful performer is someone with charisma, intellect and a uniqueness. What I hope to achieve by this is a diverse cast of performers and the more different kinds of genitalia the better!

I want to produce adult films which encourage free thinking and unshackle us from the constraints of mainstream porn standards, where vaginas are either tight, compact and hairless or big and hairy, with nothing in between! There is no one way to describe a vagina and no one or two ways that are “normal” for them to look!

More and more people are having plastic surgery to “enhance” their vaginas, aesthetically. The technical term is labiaplasty. Of course everyone is able to do whatever they wish with their own bodies, as long as these decisions come from healthy and informed places. If you’ve only ever seen perfect, hairless porn vaginas, how can you possibly know that yours is normal? Well, newsflash people – it is normal!

Various inspiring and empowering projects are underway to try and change the perspective, including women’s health organisations and artists! Women’s Health Victoria, an Australian not-for-profit organisation launched a site called Labia LibraryHelpfully, they start by actually explaining what the vagina and labia are (I’m still surprised by how little people are educated on this!). They put together a gallery of labia of all different shapes and sizes, in hopes to debunk the myths about what “normal” labia look like. The site also includes a bit of anatomical education plus information and advice about female healthcare, it’s amazing!

Club Clitoris are an Instagram project encouraging those with vulvas everywhere to love their labia! That includes issues surrounding body hair and menstruation. What started as a few simple doodles of widely varying vulvae, turned into a monumental project highlighting all things empowering and diverse about the body and now has over 125K followers!

Many of our artist collaborators on XConfessions are helping to spread the word (or legs) and create artworks celebrating the female form and vulvas in all their shining beauty! Check out a few examples below!

Eve Jones is a designer, photographer, and writer from Toronto. You can find her erotic stories and images at eveunleashed.com and read my interview with her here!

Katarzyna Kukuła is a Polish artist, whose work concerns intimacy, touch and emotions connected with our sexuality.

Jo Koss is a fetish artist whose blog has become very popular in recent years with thousands of followers from which he gladly takes requests and submissions!

Do you know any erotic artists who love labia? Leave a comment so I can check them out!

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