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10 Reasons Why Spring is the Season of Sex

🌺My dear Lusties, Spring is in the air!🌺

And you know what that means, so is sun and sex and everything lustful!

Put your coats back in the cupboard, get off the sofa, feel the sun on your skin! Here are 10 ways to brush off the winter blues and get sexy for Spring!

That sweet, sweet Spring breeze 🍃

Finally, it’s warm enough to open your windows wide and let that Spring breeze tantilise your skin. Feel the wind in your hair (and your pubic hair) and basically be naked at all times. Make the most of it before the fiery heat of summer arrives and everything gets sticky and sweaty!

Foreplay just got more interesting 💦

With warmth comes many, sexy possibilities. After months of being stuck under a duvet, you can explore all that foreplay has to offer! Why not crack out some ice cubes and relieve that new Spring heat with some seriously chill foreplay?

It’s warm enough to show some skin 👙👗

Now that your coat, hat and scarf are safely stowed away in the closet for many months, it’s time to enjoy those skimpy, thigh grazing summer dresses. The months ahead call for soft, light, silky fabrics to keep you cool and make you feel sensationally sexy! Get the sun on your skin and enjoy some well deserved vitamin D…

Your body positivity just reached new heights  ✌️

With summer on it’s way you’re relaxed, sun kissed and full of serotonin. No matter your shape or size, be ready to flaunt that body positive attitude and show the world how incredibly sexy you are! And then get back into bed immediately, because it worked a little too well and you’ll probably be fucking a lot…

Seasonal foods are super sexy 🍌 🍉 🍇

There is nothing like a few fresh fruits and vegetables to get certain other juices flowing and if you haven’t enjoyed them in the bedroom before, you must stop what you’re doing at once and feast on natures naughtiest delicacies…

April showers are sexy! 🚿

For those of us who don’t live in deserts, Spring isn’t always sunshine and strawberries. But who cares! Embrace those seasonal showers and listen to the relaxing raindrops while you lie in bed… Or alternatively, put your wellies on, go outside and have sex in it! Raincoats are the closest you can get to latex in public without raising eyebrows…

Flowers are sexy! 🌻 🌼 🌸 🌺

It’s not just the birds and the bees who should be getting busy pollinating this Spring. Fill your home with some exhilarating scents, try a bit of romance, smell the roses! Embrace everything that is bright, beautiful and sexy!

Literally everyone is on heat 👅

It’s undeniable that Spring is by far the most lustful time of year. Everywhere you look everyone is wide eyed, excited and lusting. Plus, everyone starts looking way hotter on the lead up to summer! It won’t be difficult to find your fair share of inspiration with all this new electricity in the air…

It’s time to start having outdoor sex again 👐

Probably one of the best things about having seasons other than winter, is the opportunity for al fresco fucking! Whether you come across a secluded beach, a discreet wooded area or even the backseat of your car, make the most of it and be one with nature!

It’s what nature intended! 🐰

And of course, let’s not forget that Spring is nature’s mating season. Once you’ve gotten the cute cooing over birdies, lambs and bunnies out of your system, embrace your animalistic urges and indulge in the sexiest time of year!

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