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6 masturbation confessions that never made it to film!

The other day I posted a blog about my favourite XConfessions films based on the subject of masturbation!

I get so many incredible fantasies and confessions from you, but unfortunately I don’t have the ability to turn them all into short films. I wish I could! So I’ve selected 6 of my favourite masturbation confessions which didn’t make it to the story board and I’m sharing them here with you, complete with some incredible artwork from the photographers and illustrators I collaborate with!

Which one would you most like to see on screen?

Before the Flight
by Erosmann

As a non-smoker I have always been fascinated by the fact that smoking is so addictive. I find it fascinating that some smokers seem to hardly survive a flight for a few hours without having a cigarette. At some airports there are small boxes that you can enter to have a smoke. Inside these smoky boxes grey people gather to inhale even more smoke as if their lives depended on it. To me smoking is not a basic need that we have to accommodate at all times… It must be quite stressful to feel this addicted to smoking.
I wonder what would happen if we put up boxes to fulfill other travelers basic needs, like masturbation. “I simply cannot survive the next flight if I don’t have a wank”.
What if this were considered a need that we as a society had to accommodate at all times… that would be fun wouldn’t it?

I found this one so humorous! And it’s a very good point, isn’t masturbation a basic human need?! It should be encouraged! And it should definitely be more acceptable than smoking… Masturbation is proven to be very healthy! Both physically and mentally. Time for a workout?

Touch yourself, you’re being watched
by yupyup

Artwork by Frida Castelli

I have this fantasy in which my whole apartment is under camera surveillance. I usually like to think that the man I am into at the moment can see everything that is happening in my room. I would therefore take a shower, come out and sit on my bed entirely naked. I would oil my whole body up, imagining him getting closer to the screen so he can watch me on. I would gently start to rub my thighs, my breasts, my ribs. He would unzip his pants, while I start touching myself. We would then both have an orgasm, me on my bed, him in front of his computer. As if I didn’t know I was filmed, I would simply get up of my bed, get dressed, try out a lot of different outfits, in the expectancy of seeing him at some point in my night out. As I would be about to go, the door would ring. He would be there, shaking, looking like a savage, ready to pounce on me. No questions asked, I would let him kiss me, throw me against the wall and start to touch me while pushing his hard cock against my ass. He would laugh as he felt my very wet underwear and fuck me savagely, pulling my panties down and my dress up.

There’s something incredibly sexy and heightening about the sensation of being watched while you masturbate, it’s a super popular fantasy! I loved this one for how evolved the whole story had become, almost like a ritual to make every masturbation so much more interesting. And super sex-positive in many ways, to step out of the shower and always be ready for that close up…

Coconut oil and aubergine dildo
by Romane

Yesterday night I was happy to find my intimacy back, as I was back home from a holiday with my friends. So I decided to take some time for myself…
After my shower, I went to bed with coconut massage oil and my new glass dildo shaped as an aubergine. I started spreading the oil on my labias, gently massaging them, moving towards my clitoris. Then with more oil I massaged my entire pussy, spreading it to my thighs, my belly. This slippery feeling felt so arousing. Then I stopped legs open, needing more, but I started to slowly massage my nipples then my entire breasts and slipped on my stomach back to my pussy with my right hand, while with the left I took the cold glass dildo.
I put it right at the entry of my vagina where I could feel my juices mixing with the oil on the glass. And then while my right hand was still massaging I started pushing the glass deeply in me. I could feel the waves of pleasure overtaking me as I moved my fingers faster.
My mind went wandering to memories of my boyfriend playing with that same glass dildo. He had been caressing and licking my pussy, fingering me and getting the dildo into my vagina. And then while licking me he had changed the dildo to my ass before penetrating me…
That memory forced me to surrender to a wonderful orgasm.

A beautiful and super well written account of that “me time” that we should all allow ourselves! I enjoy that reminder that masturbation is also like an act of pampering and relaxation. You have a warm bath, paint your toenails and masturbate with delicious smelling coconut oils. You can never have enough me time!

Black swan metamorphosis
by Arancia

Illustration by Petites Luxuries

You insecurely enter the ballet practice room covered in mirrors, all alone. You force yourself to relax and to dance after a hard day. You put on your points and sweat your day out. You dance until you forget who you are. There is just music and you are nameless. You force your muscles until you forget what tiredness is. You stretch your body as if it was of playdoh. You stretch your neck, you stretch your arms, you stretch your back, you stretch your legs. And you feel powerful, in charge of each and every inch of your body. Soft as a butterfly, strong as an eagle. You know you are like a unique statue, you can see it on your multiple reflections. That sweat on your dance clothes proves you’ve worked hard. Was it also this hot during the day? It seems impossible that only this thin satin dress is burning you. Or is it just you burning? Nothing is important in the music, you are what you want and the music is your life. You get off your little dress, enjoy your sweaty body’s reflection in all the mirrors. You make a couple of more turns with your hands on your body. You dance freely until your fingers find their way to your clitoris. You’ve earned this, you can enjoy life a little deeper. Masturbating in your practice hall with an audience of only yourself is the greatest pleasure you can ever dream of.

Wow, what a confession! This one was so powerful. I think the connection between dance and sex is incredibly close and I adore the way Arancia has described the feeling of empowerment you feel in that moment. Strong and confident, completely in lust with your own body! And of course, it’s such a release. It’s important to look after yourself in times of stress and what better way to “enjoy life a little deeper”?

I am mine
by off.he.goes

Photo by Violet + Rye

If there is anything I can say with certainty is that there is not a day in my life when I don’t masturbate .

I masturbate at home, at my friends, at my relatives, in college, in public toilets and I even started to find rare places to masturbate like a hospital, the bath of the top floor of the Sheraton hotel in Buenos Aires or in a Bar Mitzva I was invited to.

It is so personal and so satisfying that I cannot leave it, and even the days that I have sex during the day, I need to have that moment where fantasy takes part in my mind.

Some may say that to masturbate every day is obsessive or a problem. I say enjoy! This confession was short and simple, but someone’s got to say it! Masturbation can be one of the self-loving joys of life and it should be embraced and explored. It’s a time to reconnect with yourself and remind yourself how sexy you know you are!

Share the (self) love
by jingox

Photo by German model and photographer Simon Lohmeyer

This fantasy is one told to me by a very close friend who absolutely loves to masturbate, and particularly loves being watched while doing it. Up to now she has masturbated with a number of boyfriends, but what she really wants to do is to masturbate in front of an audience of about five or six people, both guys and girls, preferably people she doesn’t know.

She wants them to get so turned on by her touching herself that they can’t resist masturbating. She is naked in front of them, maybe on a bed or a couch, then they say something like “You are turning me on so much that I really need to masturbate. Do you mind if I do?” Then they all progressively start masturbating until everyone is doing it together.

Two particular things she has said are firstly, she doesn’t want all the guys to come on her as she would find that too much, and too demeaning. Her pleasure is very important in this scenario and she doesn’t want to just be someone for them all to come onto.

Secondly, she would love for a girl to suck her breasts while she is masturbating as that turns her on almost more than anything else, but she has never been with a girl.

Again, the idea of being watched is such a massive turn on for some people, and why wouldn’t it be? It can make you feeling a little nervous, which heightens your senses, but it can make you feel confident and adored at the same time. I like that the confessor stressed the importance of the female pleasure when writing this. It’s not about anyone else’s orgasm, but more about knowing that your sexuality is infectious and sharing it with others. I hope her friend found a safe, sex-positive place within which to realise this fantasy!

What’s your favourite masturbation based XConfession? Tell me in the comments!

Or perhaps you have your own confession to share… 

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