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Keeping the fire burning during a relationship can be challenging, especially if you say the wrong thing to your wife! This is the inspiration behind my newest XConfessions release A TALK TOO DIRTY.  A story of connection, romance, passion and… humor.

Having been in a relationship for 15 years now (WOW) I understand the need to explore and try new and different things to satisfy and reconnect with your partner. This is why A TALK TOO DIRTY caught my attention in the first place. But wouldn’t dirty talk gone wrong be an incredibly funny and hot turn of events? I could only bring back the amazing Poppy Cox for this, as sparkling and sexy as always, who we’ve met before in MAD MEN PORN. Starring alongside her is bad boy Dean Van Damme, who’s back with a very different role from his previous in POWER PUSSY.


They play a married couple celebrating their anniversary on a Spanish holiday and sharing a romantic night in a hotel room. And while things start getting steamy, she suggests Dean try some “dirty talk” to keep things moving. Everything goes wrong when he takes his words a little too far… Lots of laughter, humor, chemistry (it’s impossible not to connect with Poppy!) and hot sex, is what A TALK TOO DIRTY is all about.


It’s also one of my most spontaneous short films yet! Performers Poppy Cox and Dean Van Damme were only given a few lines and had the challenge to improvise their way into the kinkiest, sexiest and funniest dirty talk I’ve ever heard! So don’t miss it and check out A TALK TOO DIRTY at XConfessions. Plus, you can see a special appearance from my wonderful Content Manager and Line Producer Almu!



By Tenesse

As a New York City bartender I’ve seen a lot of strange things and heard a lot of crazy stories, but few compare to one night last summer when a couple from out of town wandered in one evening for a few drinks.

They were staying at a hotel down the street and I was charmed to see how in love they were and, the more they drank, impressed with their willingness to show their affection for each other. As we all moved deeper into the night their affection spilled over into passion and they were not at all shy about expressing their dirtiest thoughts at a volume sufficient for everyone in the bar to overhear. After several rounds she wandered off to the bathroom and he asked me for the check. As he slid a pile of cash across the bar he confided that she had asked him, this year, for their 10th wedding anniversary, for a wild, no holds barred trip to NYC, that she wanted to be particularly naughty, to ramp the dirty talk way, way up.

He seemed both excited and a little embarrassed about everything they had already said, but ensured me that he had a few gems saved up for the bedroom. Moments later she returned and they slipped out into the night. They were cute and in love and I was happy for them, having their naughty fun in the big city. I even thought to myself, “I hope I can find someone I can have that much fun with after all those years together.” For the next few hours, in my mind, they were a kind of perfect couple. I told some of my regulars about them, about how cute the whole scene was. I probably would have thought about them that way forever, and carried that little hope, if he hadn’t stumbled in a few minutes before I closed up, naked save two copies of the Village Voice, trembling over his naughty bits. He looked stunned and scared and humiliated. I didn’t ask any questions, just tossed him a jacket from the lost and found, poured a couple rounds, toasted to love, and tossed them down. Poor bastard, must have taken that dirty talk a little too far.

Check hilarious Poppy Cox discuss her stardom run (English)

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