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The Amateur Tapes – forbidden desires on XConfessions

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
The Amateur Tapes – by Montiel

“I look for raw, badly lit, amateur videos. I like them more when I have the feeling that I’m watching something forbidden, something stolen, something that shouldn’t be there.”  

What’s better than a taste of the forbidden fruit? When you feel like you’re doing something (or in this case, watching something) that you shouldn’t?

Our new Guest Director Montiel gives us a taste of the forbidden in this week’s XConfessions release The Amateur Tapes.

Montiel is a dear friend and has been producing some of my XConfessions films for a long time but this is her first time guest directing for XConfessions – all i can say is WOW!

The confession was sent in by someone who wanted to get a sneak peak into a couple’s private videos. They wanted to see a home sex video in all of it’s shaky camera, messy room, sweaty bodies beauty! And, Montiel has delivered!

I love the aesthetic, the colours, the setting, the camera angles. It’s a beautiful, raw depiction of sex that you can really imagine yourself having (and then watching after).

To make this confession a reality we enlisted the help of two new XConfessions performers. We welcome Valentin as the voyeur who finds the forbidden tapes, much to his own pleasure. Barcelona based Caomei makes her XConfessions debut in the home videos performing alongside Sylvan, who you might recognise from Some Never Awaken and Swing That Ponytail/ Viking Warrior. The scenes between the two of them are so hot and I really feel like I’m watching some private moments.

Get ready to discover the pure eroticism of watching something forbidden and breaking the rules…

Watch the trailer below! 

There is a dark side in me that makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes, but I can’t help succumbing to temptation: I do appreciate good cinematography, good storytelling, well-produced high production value porn. But I also feel the impulse of searching for other kinds of content: I look for raw, badly lit, amateur videos. I like them more when I have the feeling that I’m watching something forbidden, something stolen, something that shouldn’t be there. I like hearing the gasps and groans that are real – the shaky camera work as he tries to capture the moment of penetration. Seeing the sweat on their bodies, the family photographs on the walls, the messy clothes on the bedroom floor. Like a sneak peek into a real couple’s life, rather than a set. I know this can sound a little immoral. But I do not demand that they are actually obtained by dishonest means, I just need to believe they are…

Confession by AmateurAnnie on XConfessions.com








In XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessionsRegister now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film 😉

All photos in this post are by Aleix Rodon 

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