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Today I’m here to talk to everyone who love the intimate passion that only real couples have. I’m thrilled to announce Pink Visual’s Erotic Mind Volume 3 in Lust Cinema!

There’s something about chemistry that really makes for an awesome fuck. It’s the way that body reacts to someone’s touch, the impulse of kissing someone else’s lips that take control of your entire body and, more than anything, is knowing that the person you’re with is just as devoted to those feelings as you are. If passionate sex between couples is your thing, this Volume 3 of the Erotic Mind series is made for you.

Filmed with lots of charm, this new series is all about the emotion, care and deep excitement of real relationships. Different scenes will take place in warming and intimate scenarios, and you’ll get envolved in the affection of each touch and the unique sexual complicity that only chemistry would allow. Who doesn’t like a sexual encounter where you look into the person’s eyes and suddenly know that this is the perfect moment for a real act of pleasure?


This new series is sexy, passionate, and arousing. Lesbian couples, threesome action and tender love, all free of subjugation, as every fucking should be. Plus beautiful people and a really seductive soundtrack. Go for it right now at Lust Cinema, or download the movie in HD in Lust Store!

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