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ANNOUNCING: The FREE XConfessions Webseries!

Say Hello to Emma and Olivia:

Two fierce, flawed and funny feminists running the XConfessions Podcast, while trying to navigate being broke and horny in the city of Barcelona.

This is a project I’ve been working on for a year now. Together with my co-writer Daisy Bata, we constructed a narrative that includes your favourite XConfessions films while exploring the impact of more frank and honest discussions around female sexuality and desire in the age of millennials, gender and sexual fluidity and Drumpf. It may be easy to “like” a comment or leave a comment on facebook, but some of the most difficult parts of life are calling out our friends. We opened the series with a moment of slutshaming between two women – neither of whom are prudish. We wanted to highlight that these actions are ingrained within us, as progressive and enlightened as we may believe ourselves to be, and when we make off-hand remarks or judge each other, we are playing into the patriarchy.

Watch the trailer below!

The series follows Emma and Olivia, two ex-pats living in the sunny, vivid city of Barcelona. Olivia is currently sleeping on Emma’s couch. She’s a struggling journalist, and Emma has been lent the flat for a few months while one of her lovers is abroad. Together they have decided to start a podcast, focussing on the real stories and desires of their listeners, rather than the hegemonic canon of overused and underwhelming storylines that normally dominate erotica (thanks, mainstream porn).

But they’re broke, and what’s more, they’re driving each other mad. Sure, they share a bond of friendship that goes beyond daily annoyances, and they both want to see the podcast flourishing into something that could change the world. But can they put up with each other?

You can watch the whole series now for free!

And, just for you, my special Lusties, I have a behind the scenes video for you! So when you’re finished watching, come back and see how it was made. And please, let me know what you think! It’s time women took charge of the conversation about female sexuality, and I hope, in my own part, that me and Daisy have managed to do that. Thanks for watching!


XConfessions: The Web Series couldn’t be what it is, without the hard work and dedication of many, many incredibly talented women (and a couple of men 😉 ) so I’d like to take this moment to thank all of my fantastic crew and production team, who have spent countless hours on this project, working and re-working it until we were satisfied. We shot the whole thing in a matter of days, and I couldn’t have done that without the hard work of my actresses and the crew. So I’d like to introduce you Lusties to your new TV crushes:

🌸 Melina Matthews 🌸

Melina plays the serious, sultry and fierce Olivia. When I first met Melina for auditions, I knew that she was the one. She speaks a whopping 5 languages (with a perfect accent may I add), and whenever she walks into a room, she. owns. it. A faultless professional, she has the patience of a saint, an infectious humor and an undeniable power seeping through her pores. She’s a woman I greatly respect, and I was so pleased to have her on board the project. Thank you Melina!


Karina Kolokolchykova

Karina is a creative, talented and fantastic woman who is making a name for herself throughout Spain, and the rest of the world! She’s featured in a bunch of super cool music videos, and although she has been working a lot in the modeling world, she’s also looking to pursue her own creative endeavors; and do more acting! Working with Karina was a dream, as she is so cool and sweet. She talks at a million miles an hour, fluently, in multiple languages, is a passionate feminist and a truly powerful woman. We love you Karina!

🌺 Luna Corazon 🌺

Don’t tell me you don’t recognise Luna! As one of our most popular and fantastic performers in the XConfessions world, Luna is a superstar adult performer. She’s featured in the incredible films ChicazoHorngry, Multiorgasmic Brunch and Touch Crimesand I hope she’ll come back to work with me more! It was huge amounts of fun having Luna on set for this series. We all absolutely adore her, with a smile that never fades, and fantastic, positive, go-getter attitude and a powerful screen presence you rarely find elsewhere. She’s an absolute pleasure to have on set, not to mention being a really extraordinary performer. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me, Luna <3

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