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Apocalyptic fuck

Have you ever wondered how life would be if you’re the only person left in the world? A world where the sky is always yellow, dust is everywhere and you are forced to walk for miles before finding one single old gallon of warm water that could finally wet your thirsty mouth…

And what if that gallon actually belongs to someone? What if it belongs to a strong, handsome man, who has been through the same as you, and who happens to be pleasuring himself at the very exact moment you both cross paths. Are you feeling it? The end of the world has never been shown so sexy as in today’s premiere: IF THE APOCALYPSE COMES, FUCK ME!

Our whole crew was thrilled to film this fun role play XConfession in two remarkable shooting days filled with fun stories. To start, a delightful location: the beautiful town of Pals, in the countryside of Catalonia. Then the lighting: I wanted to make you feel as the world was living its last days, so I used only natural light – we’d shoot only at dawn, or in those wondrous minutes just before nightfall. You all know I’m a huge fan of natural lights. It’s wonderful how you need so little for such magical results!

And, of course, our super talented cast: Maria Riot and Luke Hotrod, two stunning, fun and brilliant actors with the perfect chemistry for this apocalyptical fuck. And here goes a little secret: we actually adapted the story to fit some deliciously powerful improvisations that they both came up with while playing… if you watch it -it’s so worth it!- you’ll know what I’m talking about.

XConfessions If the Apocalypse Comes Fuck Me 2

I couldn’t end this without saying a huge Thank you to all XC users who keep surprising us with the most elaborate, fun and libidinous stories. It is a real pleasure to turn those into these passionate short movies, and I can only hope you get all that pleasure back 😉

Don’t forget you have 50% off in your first subscription month if signing up now with the code JOINXCFORLESS! Or watch it in Lust Cinema, from this Friday on.

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