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Behind the Scenes of XC Vol.13: A look inside the hearts and minds of the people who make your favourite adult movies!

Documentary porn, a muddy contemporary dance shooting, filming inside of a taxi and on a boat – we really did it all this time.

My dear Lust-Family…what an incredible couple of months I’ve had! It was hard and stressful at times because my schedule was so busy, but I had an amazing time on the sets of Xconfessions Volume 13 and I am SO excited that I can finally share the “Behind the Scenes” with you. You can download it here


And watch “Behind the Camera” here:

Volume 13 is full of surprises! For me, this volume stands out because of its variety of different styles, themes and locations, as well as new directors and performers! I had the pleasure of welcoming four new guest directors, four new incredible performers and also many old friends on set this time and it was a blast!

Because my head is still a little all over the place, I am going to walk you through the volume step by step 😉


Lean back and enjoy the show:


Performers Vera M and Emihurts are used to freezing temperatures!

Firstly, I would like to take you on a journey to Finnland to the set of “Frostbite”. I was blown away by first-time Finnish performers and real life friends Vera M and Emihurts. They had so much natural chemistry and they were super professional during the entire process. I’m also incredibly proud of our new directors Luna, Laura and Martin and I think the results speak for themselves. All three of them are incredibly talented directors and I just love the way they work together and how they managed to create a set where everybody felt taken care of and respected. They even had a “safety agent” on set to make sure nobody was neglected at any time during the shooting!


“How many people can you fit into a taxi?” – The Tinder Taxi Crew exploring their “location” for the shooting.


Our trip down memory lane leads us back to the roots of Xconfessions – welcome to Barcelona – where the film crew of “Tinder Taxi” is stationed. When Sally agreed to direct her second Xconfessions film for me, I was beyond excited! She has such a special take on intimacy and sexuality that I have never seen in any other director. I adore her “Sci-Fi” kind of approach to adult cinema and think it touches on a lot of very important issues when it comes to our society. For Tinder Taxi I teamed her up with Xconfessions all star Viktoria Vaar and Sweet James and I think the result is both hilarious and sexy!


Moth and Rust on the set of Sex Work is Work Part 2.

Because we love it so much here, we are staying in Barcelona for a bit to look behind the scenes of Sex Work is Work Part 1 & 2. This one I directed myself and I poured my heart and soul into it! The topic of sex workers rights is one of extreme importance to me and my team and I have been wanting to do a movie about it for quiet some time now. To give real sex workers the chance to speak up for themselves, I asked my friends Maria Riot and Dante Dionys to perform for me and to try each others services in front of the camera.

For the second part of Sex Work is Work I decided to show the art of camming. As it is one of the most rapidly growing forms of erotic services I thought it would be cool to hear from real camming professionals about their lives and work. And I couldn’t have asked for a better representation than by Moth&Rust! Moth and Rust are a real live couple who have been camming together for over four years. They gave Maria Riot a private cam show and we were there to capture the moment on both sides of the camera!

I absolutely love the results of both parts and I am so happy I could finally film this documentary style porn for you.


Bloody hell! It was getting scary on the set of Pirate Jenny with Daisy and Stirling.


Pirate Jenny Strikes Again! In London! This was our first ever Xconfessions shoot on the island and we had SO much fun! Terri Heart managed her Xconfessions debute gracefully even though the conditions on Pirate Jenny’s little boat were challenging! And we couldn’t have picked anyone better to bring across that special London charm and humour than our two new performers Daisy Steel and Stirling Cooper. I am happy to welcome the crew of Pirate Jenny to the Lust Family and I am hoping to see a lot more of them soon!


Lucy Huxley had us all in awe about her amazing dance talent on the set of “Mud Dance”

















And last but not least – XC13 brings you Mud Dance by the incredible Núria Nia. It’s not everyday that I get to see a live contemporary dance performance, so the shooting of this movie was very special. Lucy and Bishop are such talented dancers and Núria managed to capture their bodies in movement beautifully while challenging the entire crew with her love for shootings in hard conditions.

I am super happy with this volume and I think we set the bar pretty high for Xconfessions Vol. 14!

You can download XConfessions Vol. 13 now at the Lust Store! Use the code 30XC13 for 30% off, from my heart straight to yours 😉
Check out all the XConfessions volumes! And don’t forget to check what’s coming next in XConfessions!

Share your thoughts about XC13 with me in the comments section. Nothing is more valuable to me than your feedback <3


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