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The Best of my Bisexual Films

Gay Pride Month isn’t over yet!


It’s a well-known fact that it’s almost impossible to find really good bisexual porn in the mainstream. I mean, don’t get me wrong, obviously mainstream porn is full threesomes and group scenes, with the man/men having sex with the woman, or many women. And most of the time the women will have sex with each other too. But never the men! 

It’s expected of women to want to have sex with other women – a lot of the time it’s seen as “natural” or “normal” for women to be bi-curious or heteroflexible (whatever that means). But when it comes to male sexuality, it’s a far more taboo idea for men to be keen on having sex with both and all genders. Why is this? Centuries of bisexual erasure is probably part of it. Also, it’s somehow seen as “unmasculine” for otherwise straight men to be keen on kissing or having sex with another man. If only they knew how sexy it is…

So seeing as Gay Pride Month is almost over, I thought I’d treat you, and round up the best of my films featuring bisexuality. I also have a little sneak preview at the bottom of one of my next releases – Hot Power Couple – which features actual bisexual men. The women in my office are totally in love with them too, FYI.

p.s. Check out my other blog on the myths of Bisexuality. It’s funny, I promise!

#BiVisibilityWeek: It’s not greedy.


Celebrating Greediness in 5 of my Bisexual Films

Artwork of Silvia Rubí from We Know You Are Watching, my XC film!
We Know You Are Watching

Here in Brazil, it is very hot in the summer and I love to walk around my house naked during the day.

I leave the kitchen windows open strategically, so my neighbors can see me.

I like the sensation that someone can see me, but I never noticed whether anyone did.

Until one day, when I walked into the kitchen and saw my pretty neighbor looking at me, so I pretended to pick some fruits…open cabinets…wash a dish… while my cock was getting harder and harder. When I glanced again, she had left.

by montanaribrasil

My name is Mary, I live in Berlin, and I enjoy fucking almost any moving thing. My name is John, I am the boyfriend of Mary and also of Alex. My name is Teresa and I am friends with John, Mary, Alex, and I’ve just arrived in the city. My name is Alex, and I can not live without my friends, I like their bodies, I like the way they think and I like how they make me feel. We love each other.
The Ultimate Kink
Stable FF queer couple looking for a man to commit the ultimate kink. London based. Well educated. Extremely open minded. We lack experience in penises but willing to explore new territories. Required penis size: a bit more than average, but not that much – just in case. Blonde good boys or hyper muscled fitness instructors please DO NOT apply. Would love to know what a man could do with us. Call +44XXXXXXXXX.
by las.masoch
So it’s the end of the night and we go into a kebab shop, and the guy behind the counter is so fucking cute. So we ask when he’s finished and he says “in half an hour”, so we order a kebab each and sit and watch him and wait for him to finish. And when he’s done, he turns out the lights and locks the door, and we fuck on top of the tables! Me and my best girl friends, surrounded by greasy, delicious food and sex. And afterwards he makes us chips to take home. Does everyone feel super hungry when they’re horny?!
by yummy69
Hot Power Couple
Coming July…

I’m not the only one bringing real bisexuality onto the adult cinema screen! Check out a bunch of other films on EroticFilms.com, and let’s celebrate!


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