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The best of Amarna Miller in one XC Volume!


How much do I love Amarna Miller? Enough to curate all of the films we’ve made together and release it as a special edition, that’s how much!

💥Use code 20AMARNA for 20% off the collection!💥

Amarna has been with me since the very beginning of XConfessions. And this week I have released 8 short films featuring the alluring, quirky and kinky ingenue that is Amarna Miller. But Amarna is not just a performer! She’s just spent 30 days living in her van and has created a youtube channel for it; she regularly appears on Spanish television and in mainstream Spanish media discussing adult cinema, her role as an actress and the future of feminist and alternative indie adult cinema; and she is an accomplished Director!

Her work in the adult industry has been so varied – she is truly able to embody any character, any situation that she wants to. For my most recent collaboration with her she performed with Mickey Mod, Vex Ashley and Owen Grey in Sweet But Psycho as a naïve and shy young woman who is eventually seduced into swinging with her husband. She also performs with Mickey in An Appointment With My Master in a totally different scenario, where she visits a BDSM master and is tortured and teased for a whole afternoon between doing her grocery shopping and cooking dinner for herself.



Plus, did you know that on my Lust Store you can pay to have unique (non-sexual) experiences with some of my favourite performers? This includes exploring the Prado in Madrid with Amarna!

Buy the collection here!


But that’s not all! On Lust Cinema (a membership streaming adult cinema platform) and Erotic Films (a pay-per-stream adult cinema platform), both of which I run and curate, we have a selection of films starring Amarna, plus three directed by her, which is all available to download on the Lust Store!

Fit by Joybear, Los Angeles by Nympho Ninjas, and Everything Is For You by Nico Bertrand, plus…

3 by Amarna, which features three short films, two of which star Amarna and all of which are directed by her: one a POV blowjob, one a woman masturbating and one of Amarna and Mickey in a passionate vanilla scene.

Or are you already a member of XConfessions? Or not heard of Amarna (where have you been?!) and want to check out some of our films together? Here is the complete list of all of her XConfessions below:





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