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Unmissable Films of 2017 Written & Directed by Women

Here’s to Sofia Copolla, winner of Best Director at Cannes ’17!

Sofia Coppola has become the first woman in 50 years to win the acclaimed Best Director award at Cannes film festival. To celebrate, here’s a round-up of the films I am most looking forward to this year, written or directed by women! Because the only way to have better female representation in front of the camera, is to have women behind the camera.

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The Love Witch Dir. & Written by Anna Biller

This film is already out, and very high on my list of must-sees!


You Were Never Really Here Dir. by Lynne Ramsay


The Beguiled Dir. by Sofia Coppola


Detroit Dir. by Kathryn Bigelow


Logan Lucky written by Rebecca Blunt, Dir. Steven Soderburg

💵 💴 💶

And for a little bonus…

From the legendary Jane Campion is this stunning mini-series!


Interested in adult erotic cinema directed by women?

Turns out, I’m not the only woman creating adult cinema! There is a whole section dedicated solely to work from female directors over on my streaming site Erotic Films!

💥 Discover a plethora of female adult film makers here 💥

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