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Better Call Almu! Creative minds behind Lust Films

Having been at Lust Films since March 2014, not only does 2015 mark 1 Year of XConfessions, but also the anniversary for our Content Manager and Line Producer, Almudena! As one of the creative minds behind the XConfessions series, I work very closely with her when creating new films from script writing and casting to website content. Which right now consists of getting together ideas for Volume 5! She a woman of many talents and is our go to girl when it comes to the creative sector of the company, so I couldn´t wait to have you all meet her…

Almu on set of latest XConfessions release POWER PUSSY. You can also grab the T-Shirt in my Lust Store!
Almu on set of latest XConfessions release POWER PUSSY. You can also grab the T-Shirt in my Lust Store!

“I think you need to have a special nature to work within the filmmaking industry.., you quit or like me, you end up enjoying the adrenaline.”

What is your official job title at Lust films?

I am the Content Manager and the Line Producer of the XConfessions series.

When someone asks you what you do, what is your typical response?

As the Content Manager, myself and the team manage tons of content on a daily basis: content we produce, communicate, or receive from others who are talking about us. I then put all that chaos into order! I develop the editorial line of Lust Films, and take creative decisions about what we communicate and share, especially in Erika’s blog and in xconfessions.com – which is a very avant-garde website that needs to be fed almost every day with novelties.

As the Line Producer, I collaborate with Erika developing the concept and the screenplays behind each XConfessions short film. Then I produce those screenplays. We have an Executive Producer, which is Pablo, but the Line Producer is the one in the battlefield – that means that I am very active on set while shooting. I try to guarantee that Erika is able to shoot the films that she wants in the best possible conditions.

How did you come to get the job?

I was engaged as a freelancer for a fashion film that Erika was developing as a collaboration with a fashion brand. Then the project was cancelled – unfortunately such things happen often. In the meantime, XConfessions was demanding an incredible production output, so Erika and Pablo decided to expand the staff introducing someone with a filmmaking background. I was just there, still mourning because I was having had so much fun with that adult fashion film that was cancelled!

What was it about Erika Lust and the company that made you want to work here?

Sexuality is one of the most interesting subjects for me to work with and Erika is trying to make the most outstanding and artistic films exploring it. As a writer, I feel thrilled when I have material in my hands that freaks so many people out like that. I’ve always experienced sexuality as something very natural, even though that kind of education wasn’t the most appropriate or open conversation where I come from. I guess it must have been the films and the books!

“Sexuality is one of the most interesting subjects for me to work with and Erika is trying to make the most outstanding and artistic films exploring it.”

Since I am a screenwriter, I’m going to tell you a story. When I was a teenager a guy asked me out, I said no because I didn’t like him – very logical reason. He felt outraged and said he would stop standing up for me when people said I was an easy girl (you know how high school is!). I thought to myself “I want to be Lauren Bacall in To Have and to Have Not, I want to be Bette Davies in Now, Voyager!, I want to be Kristin Scott Thomas in The English Patient, I want to date the Baron in the Trees. I want to be adventurous and live with passion and travel the world and have a hundred lovers! How can that be compatible with dating a flavorless guy just because he thinks he can protect my honour as a woman?” All those female characters I cherished had such a positive sexual energy among many other interesting things…

So I love it here, because there are still so many guys who insult girls just for revenge, and that is just a symptom of a greater problem than can have much nastier demonstrations. Besides doing great filmmaking and having tons of fun, I think we do something useful to change that.

What do you do on a usual day?

Lots of different things! First thing in the morning, I make coffee. The entire creative department at Lust Films is completely addicted to that! I open my emails and answer the most urgent messages. Then I might have a conference call with a well known dominatrix in the UK, for example, with casting purposes. I listen to her amazing stories. Afterwards… I work very close with Noel and Aleix, from the post-production department. We sit down with a coffee and discuss the editing, music, etc. of the films that are being finished. Erika often joins us to give her input as the director. I revise all of our online sites and check that nothing is broken or out of date. I also love the screenwriting meetings with Erika. I bring her the most interesting confessions and we spend hours imagining the films. I also do a lot of networking with external collaborators and often go out of the office on location tours and other production-related stuff.

You work within a very busy, high stress and creative sector of the company. How do you make sure you keep your cool whilst also keeping your creative juices flowing?

I think you need to have a special nature to work within the filmmaking industry – that’s why so many people quit at a certain point. If your like me thought, you end up enjoying the adrenaline…

What´s been the most exciting or strangest thing that has happened to you since you´ve worked here?

The world of cinema is great because it embraces all sorts of weird people, so go figure when you mix it up with adult entertainment (the rush of the forbidden!). Every day is an adventure.

Once I was persuaded to play a supporting role in one of the films. It was a chambermaid who discovered a naked man in the corridor of a hotel. Since I was working on the script, I promoted myself to staff manageress – I got a cooler costume!

What do you see happening at Lust Films in 2015?

Lots of amazing things! We keep growing and we are opening up the path in so many ways as indie erotic producers. We would love to reach wider audiences while remaining creative an edgy and to have our films showcased in big film festivals!

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