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Blade Runner 2049 and the evolution of the sex robot

Where are all the male sex robots?! This is a question that perplexed me as I was watched the new Blade Runner film released this month. After waiting LITERALLY 35 YEARS with baited breath, and then for the past few years in even more eager anticipation with the knowledge the sequel really was being made, and with none other than Ryan-oh-my-god-I-need-to-sit-down-Gosling, it finally arrived, and I have to say, I was not disappointed. Although nothing can ever compare to a movie that you love as dearly as I love the original Blade Runner, the sequel is still a fantastic movie and will go down as a classic. It still has that claustrophobic atmosphere, the dark underground punk vibe, the constant rain keeping our hero deliciously soaking wet all the time. I mean what is not to love, right?

Well, there has been some criticism (although to be fair, it’s been minimal) of the female characters in the film. The sequel follows pretty much the same premise as the first film and (I’ll try not to spoil it for you) centers on a man and his love interest/girlfriend. Unfortunately it doesn’t pass the Bechdel test (weep) and even more disappointingly it feels like this future is even more patriarchal and male dominated than our present. Arguably, the way society is headed, the gender divide may well continue to grow rather than shrink. But my criticism isn’t having naked women in the films, or having heterosexual couples, (but I mean, in this future why is literally everyone white apart from the criminals?) but rather the fact that there is yet again a lack of male nudity and objectification of male bodies. The commodification of sex and the female figure is clearly a comment upon humanity’s dwindling empathy, but why is it only men looking for sex, comfort or love with robots, replicants and USB sticks?

And before you say “women aren’t into it”, I’m afraid the incredible Karley Sciortino is about to prove you wrong!

So here we go, the best sex robots on film and how they’ve evolved, in tribute to the heartbreaking story you have seen or are about to see in Blade Runner 2049!

Metropolis (1928) by Fritz Lang

Make way for the first sex robot on screen – although I’m not sure you’d want to try actually having sex with her. She looks a little sharp…

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) by Steven Spielberg

Welcome Gigolo Joe, the first sexy male robot I saw on screen! A.I. is possibly the most heart-breaking film you’ll ever see about a little boy robot, but what was most fascinating for me was Jude Law’s robot and his commentary on female sexuality. Clichéd? Maybe. Fantastic material for a little Jude Law daydream? 100%!

Her (2013) by Spike Jonze

A lonely man falls in love with his operating system, but what happens when his OS is the same one installed in every computer? Is love the only thing that can transcend reality? Can you trust a machine? And is love real when one of you has been created for the sole purpose of serving you? Jonze looks at the one-sided nature of self love and makes me wonder, will the future of romantic relationships be based upon the human’s needs being met, no matter what, by their robot lover? Why would you ever want a human again…

Ex-Machina (2014)

“Sexuality is fun man! If you’re going to exist, why not enjoy it.” In Ex Machina, a young student is brought into a super secret experiment to test a humanoid A.I. She must pass the test by convincing him that he is talking to a real person. But once a robot becomes indefinable from a human, can we still treat them as our slaves? One of my favourite films of the last few years!

VR Memory files of You (2016), by me!

Okay, so it’s not a sex robot.. but isn’t Virtual Reality the next step in futuristic porn and artificial relationships?

But to end, let us not forget, the most romantic soundtrack song ever, Love Theme by Vangelis. I hope you enjoy the Blade Runner sequel!

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