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Blood-lust with the world’s sexiest vampires

Close to the Bone by JoyBear

There’s no denying, vampire stories are pure sexual metaphor. The sucking, the stake-ing, the preservation of youth, the bloodlust and desire and seduction. Even if you’re not into mythical films or didn’t even watch Twilight (you didn’t miss anything) you cannot help but be seduced by the power of a night-crawler that wants to devour you, heart and soul! So it’s no wonder JoyBear have finally graced us with the sexy vampire film we’ve all been waiting for – Close to the Bone.

Watch the trailer now

Anya Olsen and Tyler Nixon are creatures of the night. They suck on your blood in order to stay young and alive – and their age hasn’t slowed their lust for sexual exploration either. But for the first time in 300 years, they’ve been separated. Can they resist the temptation of others? Of course not, this is adult cinema… 😉

Anya is on a house tour in an empty apartment with an estate agent. But she’s got something other than real estate on her mind… after looking deep into the woman’s eyes, she takes her under her spell and asks her to undress. The woman, Loren Minardcan’t help but be overwhelmed by the power of Anya’s sexual desire… but before long she’s been bitten!

When she wakes up the next day, she realises what has happened to her. There is a hunger inside her that she cannot fight. But if she’s going to live forever, she’s going to need some company… and so, when her boyfriend, Sabby, returns home, she’s prepared the ultimate seduction to lure him into a state of relaxation that will allow her to drain the life from him.. and then live together forever!

Meanwhile Tyler has spotted his next victim… but Azazie Skymm turns out to be more cat than mouse, as she lures him into an empty swimming pool. Little does she know what she’s let herself in for!

There’s also a scene with the first ever vampire and her willing human sacrifice, and the reunion of Anya and Tyler that shows you just why it’s so fantastic to watch two people with real-life chemistry having sex on screen. It’s passionate, fiery and bloodthirsty lust!

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*most definitely not including a certain Edward Cullen

Watch it now on Lust Cinema

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