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The Erotic Bible to Europe
2010, Guide

In this illustrated guide to Europe, Erika Lust shows us the best erotic places on the old continent: nudist beaches, aphrodisiac restaurants, erotic boutiques, luxury lingerie stores, cabarets, love hotels, swingers’ clubs, fetish boutiques, designers & parties – from kinky to chic, London to Benelux!

Organized by region and country, this hot pink hardback is filled with nearly 250 pages of fetish parties, most extravagant lingerie shops, naughty burlesques, erotic museums & film festivals, & dirty secrets in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Ibiza, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Venice & Vienna.

Erotic Bible to Europe

Erika Lust

Published by Ilus Books


ISBN 978-84-938183-8-8

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