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Why Broad City is doing Politics like no-one else

Let’s just forget for a second that Broad City is a fantastic TV show, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and that it’s written and directed by the two women who star in it. I mean, that’s enough to put it at no.1 on your Christmas wish list. Let’s also just put aside for the moment the fact that they released their own line of sex toys in conjunction with the sex-positive series. Let’s put all that stuff aside, which will bias you towards thinking the show is spectacular (spoiler alert: it is) and focus on the newest season and more specifically, THE DONALD.


omg @ #sluttyslug

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Ilana and Abby, which are their names in the series and in real life, started Broad City by posting 2 or 3 minute episodes on Youtube following the hilarious misdemeanors of two young, broke Jewish women living in New York. It was then picked up by Comedy Central and they are on their fourth series of half hour episodes. What makes this show fantastic is not just how quotable it is (yaaaaas kween) or how accurately it taps into being a young woman in your twenties; it’s fiercely political too. Abby and Ilana are not afraid to step on toes – and in Season 3 Hillary Clinton even did a cameo episode. Season 4 however is released post-election, and the series has not been shy about their hate for the Trump. Throughout the season, his name is treated like a swear word and censored out! Which I think is bleep-ing fantastic.

However, my favourite episode of season 4, and to be honest the entire season, was the last episode to be aired. SPOILERS AHEAD! Ilana hasn’t had an orgasm for months, and it’s driving her crazy because she is a “cum kweeeen!”. She goes to a sex therapist to try and figure out what’s happening. The reason? She’s hasn’t come since the election. It’s hilarious, it’s moving, and to be honest it’s so on point. I’m living in Barcelona (where the political landscape isn’t looking too calm at the moment either) so I can’t truly understand the disappointment and devastation felt by those, especially among young people and millennials, to have to live under a leader like Trump. But from a distance I can imagine how heart-breaking and stressful it must be, especially if you are LGBTQIA+. I also understand the feeling when you can’t orgasm or you’re not enjoying masturbation. It’s a subject no-one has ever spoken about on TV, but it’s something we all go through at some point as women.

Ilana & Abby:

Modern day cum kweens and political heroines

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They’ve also just released a Chrome extension where you can have Trump’s name censored from any text you read on the internet. Pretty cool, huh? Even though I loved the series “Girls”, Broad City is just next level good. I even know men in their 20s who love the series, even though the only men in the show are either love interests or gay. So, turns out men don’t only want to watch action films and blonde bimbos with big tits. Who knew funny women could appeal to everyone?! (spoiler alert: we all did.)

So if you’re looking for a new role-model, hero, and all round kween to swoon over, look no further than this insanely cool duo, who not only soak every episode in sex-positivity, but explore themes like feminism, family, religion, LGBTQIA+ issues, polyamory, cultural appropriation, classism and more.

Number 1 on my Xmas list: Abby & Ilana direct an XC film

A post shared by abbi & ilana (@broadcity) on

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