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The Bush Is Back

A trend has hit hipster neighborhood Williamsburg in NYC, that is both confusing and alluring.

It’s called “The Full Bush Brazilian” and apparently is like a reverse mullet for your pussy … business in the back, party in the front. For those of you literal-minded, this means everything from ass to vulva is stripped bare, and a full crop left on the pubis.

Why is this any more newsworthy than the not-at-all newsworthy fact that pubic hair trends have been evolving rapidly in the last half of the 20th century? Well, simply because I think it’s a funny intersection of the porn-culture-attributed totally bare phase that has been trending the past 20 years, and the very recent rejection of this by outspoken celebrities, fashion photographers, even American Apparel mannequins. And the idea that the young Americans electing for this style are described as “Hippies with porny sex lives” made me laugh since it seems like most of the young hipster people I know.

Personally, when it comes to intimate grooming, my attitude is ‘to each their own’, and many of the performers I work with exemplify this. Some have grown out, cropped and styled in every manner thought possible, like Stoya. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

erika lust full bush brazilian



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