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Butts, butts, butts!

Apart from International Masturbation Month, I think my new favourite trend might be showing your butt in public places!

Twerking%20 %20flirtmoji

Instagram users all over the world are baring all in front of majestic and beautiful landscapes, or in the natural habitats of their supermarkets. It was all started by an account called Cheeky Exploits, who seek to make the world a happier place and “spread the love” through the magic of bare bottoms! And I think it’s wonderful! It’s an account which doesn’t discriminate, featuring butts of all shapes, colours and sizes. Butts in the sea, butts next to pianos, butts mountain climbing, what more could you want?? I’m not sure if I would be butt-confident enough to upload my own photo, but I salute everyone else who has!

Social media nowadays has become a platform for a new and necessary wave of body-positivity. Instagram especially has made it easier for people to connect from wherever they, with other body positive and sex positive people, to celebrate everything from their genitalia and now their butts! But there’s still one problem: why are nipples still being censored all over the internet? I’m a huge fan of Cheeky Exploits, Club Clitoris and all the other accounts working hard to change our perceptions of what is considered a “normal” body. But come on, it’s clearly time to #freethenipple as well!

Assless%20chaps%20 %20flirtmoji

After the release of Sodomise Me, I really have butts on the brain! You can check it out on Lust Store now and reminisce about all of my most magical butt moments.

Like the sensuous and intimate XConfession His Was First in My Ass.

Or this kinky, empowering moment in Dominate Me with Silvia Rubi and Bishop Black.

What’s your favourite new body positive trend? Let me know, either here in the comments or in a creative XConfession!

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