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Bye Summer…Hello Guy Trying On Trunks

So summer is over… After a few exceptionally hot months here in Barcelona I must say I welcome the cooler months. The heatwave was pretty brutal this year – thank god we have Air-Con here at the Lust offices!image1

I will miss weekends at the beach…although I’m no stranger to colder dips. This slight shift in temperature from summer to fall got me thinking about swimwear and the bikini mania that always seems to happen at the first sign of spring. 

Advertisers and magazines try to make money by making people feel bad about themselves – and it always feels tiring and un-modern. Being at the beach is supposed to be about having fun, and not worrying about what you look like. Having said that, a little bit of beach fashion can certainly be fun.

I stumbled across this video that shows 100 year’s of men’s swimwear in 3 minutes. It’s a potpourri of budgie smugglers and mankinis from the past. Maybe I’m trying to hold on to the last rays of summer… or maybe I just like watching this guy try on lots of different swim trunks. 

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