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Calling all sexologists and educators!

I’m on the hunt for sexologists: those who teach, study, explore and discuss sex in every way imaginable!

Hello everyone!

Did you know that I run a non-profit learning platform called The Porn Conversation? This initiative was created to address the massive, unspoken elephant in every parent’s living room – are your kids watching porn? In a world where children as young as 9 are stumbling across internet porn, either by accident or through curiosity, we can’t begin to know the effect that the abundance of free porn is going to have on future generations.

Mainstream porn, (as opposed to ethical, adult cinema, like what I make!) most of the time is deeply problematic and damaging. Rampant, normalised violence against women; barely concealed racism; fetishisation of lesbianism, bisexuality and homosexuality; and not to mention the obsession with “fucking a teen”. 

Because of this, The Porn Conversation was set up to provide guides and advice to parents, in order for them to talk to their children about the content they will, at some point, see online. Not to scare them off, but rather to have an open conversation about sexuality. About the fact that most pornography does not accurately represent real sex. And to remind them that the performers in these films are also not accurate representations of what people look like. People are hairy, they are different sizes and colours, and they have very different genitals!

I am looking for sexologists and sex educators who want to collaborate with me on The Porn Conversation; by becoming an ambassador on the site and having your name and business details available for visitors to the site. This is a win-win situation: because I can get help and advice from you, and you can take advantage of work opportunities through visitors to the site.

Are you a sexologist, or do you know one? Please send me an email here! 


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