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You Can Look But You Can’t Touch…

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
Take Me Through the Looking Glass by Olympe de G.

I have a new release on XConfessions! And it’s from one of my favourite Guest Directors, a regular now with XConfessions, Olympe de G.! This French wonder woman is taking ethical, adult cinema to a whole new level, and I am loving it! Her vibe is super modern, cinematic and imaginative – each one of her films as a Director is totally different from the other, and that’s what I love about her work. Plus Take Me Through the Looking Glass features a gorgeously diverse cast with Kali Sudhra and Bishop Black. You’re going to love this!

Read my Interview with Olympe here!

I knew this woman who went to a peep show. She wanted to see but not be touched, she wanted fantasies, but not contact. But then, on the other side of the looking glass… there was THIS MAN. She saw his skin and she wanted to smell it. Under the skin, she saw his muscles and she wanted to bite them. And she saw his armpits and how wet they were, and she wanted to lick them. She wanted this man so bad that she could break the glass just to be a little bit closer to him.

From Natacha Kinky’s confession Take Me Through the Looking Glass.

Get behind the scenes here with Bishop, Kali and Olympe.

Kali walks into a strip club for a private show. She chooses her sex toy from a selection on the table, gets undressed in the velvet, neon soaked room and starts to touch herself. She picks up the phone and is introduced to the three people she is watching – two performers and one drummer. After thanking them, she sits back and starts to enjoy the show…

But as the beat of the drum builds and the dancers grow more and more intense, Kali can’t help herself. She picks up the phone and talks to Bishop. She asks him to join her in the room. What happens next… you’ll have to watch and find out!

I’ve worked with Olympe a few times now, as a Guest Director and as one of my performers!

Check out her GD debut The Bitchhiker and look out for her upcoming performance in my film Architecture Porn

She’s also shot a film raising money for Amnesty Internationala pansexual orgy in Berlin, coming soon to XConfessions: We Are the (fucking) World Plus she’s made an homage to our sexuality in Don’t Call me a Dick, also coming soon!


Olympe is showing us her skills as a filmmaker here and boy, does she have skills! She uses the live beat of the drum to build up a tension within the viewer throughout the film, and the performances from Kali and Bishop are intense and excited enough to really fill you with equal anticipation! Their voices on the phone as they speak, her anxious and lustful eyes as she watches him and interacts with him make the film absolutely unmissable. Olympe has an eye for aesthetic and colour, and this film is so super cool it feels like an homage to Gaspar Noe combined with Tarantino or Wim Wenders!

Let me know what you think Lusties. Did you love it as much as I did? Are you dying to see Olympe’s next films? Tell me in the comments below!

Watch Take Me Through the Looking Glass on XConfessions now!

In XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessionsRegister now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film 😉

All photos in this post: Are by Adriana Eskenazi

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