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Want to perform?

We love to hear from new performers from all over. We are looking for dynamic, creative, inspiring people that are ready to share Erika's vision with the world.

We encourage all genders, ages, diversities, sexual orientations, abilities and body sizes to apply. Here at Erika Lust, we strive for variety, inclusion and representation in the films we make.

We ask that all potential candidates send us the following:
  • Your name
  • Where you live
  • Why you want to work with Erika
  • Why you want to make erotic films
  • A few photos of your face (good quality)
  • A few photos of your whole body with clothes
  • A few photos of your body without clothes
    (note for men that are applying: we don’t just want to see genitals, remember, porn isn’t just about penises!!!)
  • Please make sure you only send us photos of yourself, unless you are applying as a couple.
Check out performers who have worked with us

When you have all of this send it to our Talent Manager, Jay

Good luck!

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