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Circus Aerius Perversus – a real life erotic documentary

NEW RELEASE in XConfessions!
Circus Aerius Perversus by Erika Lust
Real life documentary

Since I can remember I enjoyed performing.
I just love the feeling of entertaining and having all eyes on me…
I guess this is why I decided to work in the circus. There is something so liberating about giving my all,
to the point of fighting gravity to amaze people.

So every now and then I imagine what it would be like…
What it would be like to let my self totally go during the show,
enter the complete ecstasy and show my deepest desires on stage.

To enjoy my body and all of my most primal instincts.
To be fucked on stage.
By Teaoflust


I’ve always been fascinated by the circus world. Acrobats under the limelight, flying so high, unsafely playing with gravity, aiming to seduce and enchant those watching. They’ve always looked so sexy to me. Their lack of fear (or they commitment to dominate their fears), and their desire to be watched would make my imagination fly as high as they would. So much that, at every new circus-related story coming to XConfessions, my heart would skip a beat: I wanted to shoot it so bad, but I couldn’t find a performer to carry out the acrobatics I imagined. So I waited.

Until I met Jowy and Eze.




Jowy and Eze are both aerial acrobatics and circus performers who live in Barcelona and recently decided to insert and play with erotica during their performances. I heard about them and thought that was my chance to produce the film I was thinking about for so long. I invited them over for a quick chat in the Lust offices, and as they would tell me their stories I kept repeating to myself: this is worth a movie – but not any movie. This story deserved more. And just like that, XConfessions’ first real-life erotic documentary film was born!





Jowy was born in Barcelona, Eze in Argentina. They met a few years ago when she switched her life around and flew to South America to study circus arts in Buenos Aires. They fell in love and got over several obstacles in order to be together – and to continue performing together. Jowy has became a reference in aerial acrobatics and contemporary dance, and Eze specialized in equilibrium.

Today they are lovers, parents, best friends, sometimes even enemies (watch the film to learn more). They live and perform in Barcelona, where they produce and perform in shows and presentations of regular and erotic acrobatics. In this documentary, they spoke about the challenges of their work, their interpretation of love and pain, how it feels to have their intimacy under the limelight and how circus changed their way of seeing love, and sex.







All images by: Adriana Eskenazi


We filmed the entire short in their studio, the El Otto in the Poble Nou district in Barcelona. It was such a unique experience to watch them and I hope my film does justice to their incredible work.

You can watch Circus Aerius Perversus today in XConfessions!




Interview with Jowy & Eze

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