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Colour in XConfessions

And so it’s Tuesday, I’m back to the Lust Offices in sunny Barcelona (I was in Berlin last week, remember?), and now I’m back to normal life (sort of, as we’re at full speed pre-producing the next shootings for XConfessions).

We received a package to the Lust Offices the other week. Inside the package was a pretty, pink box. And inside that pretty pink box, a colouring book. I opened it, and recognized the people in the dreamlike, erotic drawings… why’s that? Because the book is inspired by XConfessions – what a compliment! The projects is called Between The Lines and is made by Yssa.

The colouring book inspired by XConfessions.

Born to southern European parents, she studied graphic design in Paris and now lives and works in Munich, where she’s an art director at a design agency. Her days are immersed in the world of corporate architecture, design and communication. Besides that, she loves to draw and paint. As she puts it: “pens, brushes, silkscreen sets, pencils… give me any of these and I’m happy.” She got the book idea partly from nostalgia, remembering having fun with colouring books and crayons when she was a little girl. In Between The Lines, each page shows an intimate erotic scene, where women and men equally take pleasure in the act. The postures depicted are then expanded with ornaments, from simple straight, to more voluptuous lines.

“I want you to lose yourself while filling out those legs and breasts and ornaments. I’d love to see the book being colourised on trains, or public places. No hiding.”


Drawing inspired by “Do You Find My Feet Suckable?

Yssa was standing in a bookshop at an airport recently and  was puzzled to feel that as a veteran colouring book fan, none of the books actually appealed to her. “So I started a series of drawings that I—and my friends—would have fun with drawing on, around, upon. That’s how the Between the Lines project kicked off. And if the publishing houses can call colouring books  “art therapy”, I’ll go so far and describe this project as “sex therapy”. While researching for compelling and esthetic porn for the project, she stumbled upon the work of Erika Lust – her husband had recently downloaded an XConfessions Volume. “And honestly it was the only thing I found that appealed to me in terms of photography, framing and art direction. The body of work found on stands out by its broad scope. The stories are differentiated and the imagery very distinct at every episode.  It just gives me a lot of freedom to work with.”


Drawing Inspired by “Slo Blo Mo Job


Drawing inspired by La Reine Des Culottes.


Drawing inspired by My First Time Eating Oysters…and Pussy. 


Drawing Inspired by “I Fucking Love IKEA

Pretty cool, huh? The book Yssa sent me was just a prototype, which means that you still can’t find the book our for purchase. Yssa is currently working on some publishing proposals. We hope to see it around soon!

Isn’t it awesome when art inspires art? Many thanks to Yssa – follow her on Instagram here.

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