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Couple love, and a shout-out for performers!

I’m looking for couples to perform in XConfessions! And to celebrate, here’s an introduction to some incredible couples I have already worked with <3

we know you are watching 4

If you’re a couple, and you want to shoot an XConfessions film with me, email adrian@erikalustfilms.com with photos of you together and we’ll be in touch!

I’m feeling very romantic this week and want to share the love of real sex and real pleasure that these couples have brought to my films! So many of my fans are couples who enjoy my films together and I hope that they’re inspired by the real-life couples they see on screen. I often receive confessions from or about partners and it’s a pretty sensational feeling being able to bring them to life!

Joel and Alexa Tomas were one of the first couples I worked with for XConfessions. Both from Valencia, Spain, they quickly became one of the references when it comes to Spanish erotica. Joel’s natural abilities quickly established him as performer. Alexa started her career as a very successful webcam girl, and joined the adult film industry later on. And I couldn’t be more in love with them! They’ve performed in four of my films already! You can watch Meet Me in the Stockroom, We Know You’re Watching, Hunt Me Catch Me Eat Me and Slo Blo Mo Job on XConfessions and Erotic Films!

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Danny Dips and Poppy Cox are couple based in Berlin, who first participated together in XConfessions in Paulita Pappel’s film My Birthday Surprise! The couple have so much incredible chemistry, just watch as Poppy poles dances for Danny on his birthday! Poppy not only brings the baddest curves and seduction to adult film as an actress, she also runs the incredible bike-sexual film festival Bike Smut and directs! You can watch Girls Night In and Electrify Me on Erotic Films now!

XConfessions Berlin, A Birthday Surprise, Paulita Pappel, Erika Lust
XConfessions Berlin, A Birthday Surprise, Paulita Pappel, Erika Lust

Selina AK & Alex AK are a real amateur couple who live in Barcelona and contacted me via an XConfessions post asking if they could perform in their first film together! Obviously I was super excited to meet them! They told me that they first met in a vegan cafe and have been together ever since! The first film they performed in Sadistic Trainer on XConfessions, along with a cast of other couples and solo performers. After that I made Let’s Make a Porno with them, which was incredibly sexy.

A Hungarian and Argentinian match made in heaven: Sicilia and Sean. I worked with them way back at the beginning of my career and then again in Sadistic Trainer and the steamy, exotic short Frauleïn O.: Das Au-Pair, in which they use ice to cool down and seduce each other on a hot summer’s day. The couple live in Barcelona and love performing together, and I can see why! They are so attentive of each other in every way and a pleasure to work with!

If you’re a couple in Lust, don’t forget to check out the Lust Store for some last minute gift ideas!

Or why not post your own couples confession at XConfessions

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