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My crew of women

2014 was a BIG year here at Lust Films. We shot two volumes of XConfessions, the best yet! And I couldn’t have achieved so much if it weren’t for my incredible production team.

My philosophy: IT’S TIME FOR PORN TO CHANGE! And one of the most important aspects of that is having more women in porn, behind the camera! Directing, writing, producing and creating content from a female perspective, that women want to watch! This is why I love working with the talented women we have in the Lust team. From the filming to the catering, we have women involved in every aspect of each production. And luckily we had our amazing photographer Chio Lunaire on set during the production of XConfessions Volume 4 so that now  I can introduce them to you! And give you a sneak peak of behind the scenes…

Laura, our runner. A crucial component of any production.
Andrea, assistant director, always checking the material with me (notice the fancy slippers we wore in that location)

A production like this isn’t always erotic fun and games. It’s just as technical as any other kind of film making. It involves working in all kinds of weather conditions (one of our confessions was set in the rain!), heavy lifting, unloading equipment, camera and sound operation, some long waits and some extremely busy mornings!

Thais, director of photography, and her camera assistant Nonna, filming I FOUND YOUR MOTHER ON TINDER.
Screenwriter and line producer, Almudena, taking care of business on the set of POWER PUSSY.
Cora, sound recorder.

And then there’s the other side of aesthetics. It’s not just the production team who make my movies look so beautiful, but the costume designers, make up artists and stylists who also create a signature polished look and help build the context which makes each confession unique and authentic.

Our stylist in stylish waterproofs, Claire.
Our amazing make up team, Laila and Marta (below).


Graphic designer and occasional extra, Cristina.
Art department manager, Marta and her assistant, Carla (below).


And of course, a hard working team need their fuel!

From the catering department, Gemma.

To keep a production running smoothly and to schedule, my team have to be not only talented but also supportive of each other, professional and extremely pragmatic.

Hard at work on set with my team.
Thais and Nona, shooting upcoming CARNIVAL HUSTLERS.

And what would a production team be without their director! Here I am on the set of one of the most exciting XConfessions to date: POWER PUSSY! We shot in Bar 68, here in Barcelona. The space was limited but the atmosphere was electric! We shot a few shorts this year which involved a larger than usual cast and crew, and that means working even harder to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


But we nailed it! Every year the work gets bigger, better, more challenging and more fun! I can’t say thank you enough to my wonderful team and we can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on! Stay tuned…







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