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Have you ever felt cheated by your own gender? Like the sexuality you were born with was more of a weight than a blessing? This all sounds very vintage and out-dated, but still today, we hear stories of women having to dress up as men to be taken seriously, to get recognition, to be entitled to the same rights as their counterparts. This has been happening for centuries and we think it might be over by now, but we are wrong. Here’s my account to some of the greatest “survivors” of inequality: 

1. Joan of Arc: had to “become” a man to join the army and bring the french troops to a victory in the Hundred Year’s War.


2. Malinda Blalock: joined the army as Samuel Blalock, posing as her husband’s older brother so he wouldn’t go to war alone. 


3. Enriqueta Favez: also called Enrique Favez was a swiss surgeon who practiced medicine in the Napoleonic War and in Cuba. She was later exiled from Spanish territory and lived the rest of her life as a nun. 

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4. Brita Nilsdotter: this Swedish born also joined the army as Petter Hagberg and fought the wars before being awarded the Medal of Bravery. 


5. Margaret Ann Bulkley: had to register under the name of James Berry in order to study medicine in the UK circa 1800. She not only finished University, but was also highly recognized for her fight to improve her patient’s treatment conditions. 


6. Dorothy Lawrence : pretended to be a man to become a war journalist during World War I. 


7. Dorothy Lucille Tipton: known as Billy Tipton, was a Jazz pianist and saxophonist who had to take his father’s name to immerse into the Oklahoma Jazz scene of the 40’s. 


8. Teena Brandon: after a horrible childhood, she decided to start a new life as her “real self” and became Brandon Teena as she always wanted to be a man. She started a relationship with a woman and befriended two ex cons, who, with the discovery of Teena’s real gender, raped her and murder her. 


9. Sisa Abu Daooh: after the death of her husband in the 70’s, this Egyptian woman decided to dress as a man to provide for her family more easily without being harassed. She’s been awarded the Woman Breadwinner award by her Government and until this day she dresses as a man to continue working. 


10. DJ Tatiana Alvarez: dance DJ and music producer best know as Matt Muset, aka Musikillz, to catch a break in the Industry. 


These women didn’t have a choice like some of my characters in XConfessions like this pretty guy in Dude looks like a ladyIt saddens me that history keeps repeating itself. It all sounds very vintage, but, still today, we have Tatiana Alvarez and Brandon Teena… 


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