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I have a tendency to comedy, brightness and positivity in my films in general – with some exceptions, for example Spectrophilia where a melancholic confession required a film with a different tone. Yet I deeply appreciate the work of some other authors that have dealt with erotica from a different and sometimes darker perspective…




For example Liliana Cavani’s mythical film The Night Porter (1974), which was already quite controversial when first released. It’s the story of a sadomasochistic relationship between a former SS officer (Dirk Bogarde) and one of his prisoners (a stunning Charlotte Rampling). When they come across each other after the war, they can’t help engaging in a crazy, addictive and consuming passion with – of course!! – terrible consequences…

Beyond its plot and due to the mesmerizing atmosphere, elaborated sensuality and powerful aesthetics, The Night Porter has influenced fashion, design and erotic imagery until today.




For example, Marc Jacobs built an entire pret-à-porter collection around the film. It was of course controversial, as it always happens when fashion meets sex somehow, and featured models handcuffed to their handbags, a lot of transparencies, gorgeous suspender belts and even a set of elevators built for the show after the one in the movie!




Maybe you don’t have the budget for Vuitton, but don’t worry! I am also inspired by the aesthetics of European erotic films from the 70s, and in my store you can find a bunch of related items by brands such as the exquisite Maison Close from France.


Captura de pantalla 2015-04-15 a las 19.18.51
Charlotte Rampling made popular the suspenders over naked breasts in one of the most famous scenes in the movie. Right, suspenders by Maison Close available at my store!
Captura de pantalla 2015-04-15 a las 19.22.53
Eye masks and military caps also became iconic (left, Le Sublime eyemask by Maison Close)

Inspired…? Sometimes a staged look with marvelous lingerie can be sexier than being fully naked, a promise of erotic stories to come!

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