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Cyber Monday + New Release on LustCinema

The Second Date by AlexanFilm

Intimate, gentle, intense, this film really feels like a real couple’s second date! They are caring and giving with each other, although both too shy to say a lot to each other during sex. It’s very sweet to watch them sit and have a glass of wine together when they’re both really nervous – which makes the sex that much more exciting!

Every week I release a new film on LustCinema! It’s a members-ony platform, where you have access to the entire catalogue on the site when you pay a small monthly fee. And it’s not only my films! It’s films like The Second Date and loads others from ethical porn production companies! And because I am an ethical porn producer, director and distributor, every director gets a commission from your membership. So you are supporting the work of all of those ethical porn makers while enjoying the best erotic cinema in the whole world! Pretty sweet deal huh?

However, if you’re more old-school or that just sounds like too much pleasure for you to handle, you can buy The Second Date from my store, to stream or download! Just like any other online store like Amazon, you don’t need to pay to sign up to be a member, you just pay for your purchases!

Buy this film HALF PRICE now for Cyber Monday!


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