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Dacrifilia, a sweet mix of sex and tears

NEW RELEASE |XConfessions
Dacrifilia  by Erika Lust

Get your tissues everybody, because today there will be tears 💧

Do you know what dacryphilia is? It is a paraphilia related to those who feel sexually aroused by someone else’s tears. It’s a philia, a fetish, an intense sexual desire… and although it affects very few people in the world, it’s a subject that always fascinated me. So if you’re one the dacryphilians out there, or if the subject sparks your curiosity, come with me in this erotic journey through blubbering!


First I’d like to leave clear that, unlike many out there, I don’t feel weird about dacryphilia at all. It is a fetish, and it has to do with tears, and in my head that’s where the story ends. Maybe because I don’t think tears are bad – on the contrary! Tears are the ultimate expression of a true emotion, and I’m already grown up enough to know that sadness isn’t necessarily bad. We all go through it, and once we’re done with the tears, we’re better than ever. But that’s a subject for a whole other talk.



I know it’s weird, but among the things that excites me most is to see a man crying.


When this story arrived to XConfessions, I couldn’t think of anything else. “That’s it”, I thought, “That’s the story that will allow me to mix sadness and sex, like I’ve always wanted to do”. Having that as the main plot, we’ve started building the story to give this dacryphilia a context. Why does she like to see tears? How would she approach someone else’s emotions like that? How to talk about sadness in a human way, avoiding all the shame and the eventual humiliation?

My character is a visual artist who is also a fetishist of tears. She works closely with emotions, she is very sensitive and highly emotionally intelligent. She works day and night in her atelier and her fetish goes hand-in-hand with her art. She has a deep respect for everyone else’s tears, especially for the participants of the research she’s leading, about the fragility of the human being.



This fascinating artist is played by amazing Silvia Rubi, and the whole film is an immersion into her work: she take us through her thinking, her art, and her fetish. We see her interviewing Maximilian Gambero (who’s back to XConfessions after Do You Find My Feet Suckable and The Couchsurfer), and handling the interview in order to bring him into the tears he’s trying to hold.



To make for a more realistic film, a lot of impro happened in the shooting! I felt that as the subject was so delicate, we shouldn’t be limited by what was on the script. So Max and Silvia were encouraged to bring their own words into the dialogue and improvise, which made for a very relaxed and honest film!

We shot everything in a fabulous atelier in the Eixample neighborhood in Barcelona, where a good friend of mine makes her art. It was a super creative day, with so many insights, we were breathing art! The whole team was very excited with the story and wanted to create a really bold film, to push a little bit more the boundaries of adult films.




Then of course we made some artistic mess as well! To make the footage of Silvia painting a canvas, she dumped her hands in ink and started painting like a true artist. But she wouldn’t stop there: Max ended up being the canvas himself! If was lovely to see them playing with their bodies, how Silvia would run her hands full of paint by Make Up Forever all over him, until he was almost entirely blue. I don’t know about you but I just LOVED his body like this. You know, the messier, the merrier 🙂

I’m honestly thrilled with this film, and I’d love to know what you think! How do you feel about #dacryphilia? Do you have any fetish like that?

Dacrifilia is live and you can already watch it in XConfessions!






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