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Darker Side Of Desire by Jacky St. James – NOW on LustCinema

Darker Side Of Desire by Sweet Sinner

This week on LustCinema: Darker Side Of Desire by Jacky St. James!

Watch the trailer now

Darker Side of Desire is a film directed by Jacky St. James featuring 5 hot BDSM scenes with varying levels of intensity. Cassidy Klein plays the role of  Natalie, who is struggling to find a balance between the innocent and sweet girl she pretends to be and the sexually curious woman she really is who wants to explore her darker side of desire of being dominated by her partners. She is madly in love with her boyfriend Bryce, impersonated by Mickey Mod, but is afraid to scare him away once she reveals her erotic longings to him.

On a Friday night, a harmless drinking game with friends turns into a revelation of dark confessions. When one of Natalie’s friends confesses that she had made experiences with being submissive to a former lover of hers, a big discussion about the nature of BDSM and it’s compatibility with feminism emerges that divides the group, and especially Natalie and Bryce, on their positions on the matter.

After this conversation Natalie is even more scared to talk to him. A full week of silence between the two of them passes and Natalie has almost lost hope when Bryce finally surprises her and admits that he has some dark fantasies of his own..

Go check it out now! 

Watch it now on Lust Cinema

If you enjoyed Darker Side Of Desire you might also like some of our other kinky productions like Jacky St. JamesThe Submission of Emma Marx, XConfessions short movie Frostbite directed by finish trio Luna Kuu, Laura Rämö & Martin Jäger or She’s In Charge by Eddie Powell!

If the discussion about feminism and BDSM got you thinking, you should definitely check out my movie Feminist & Submissive! For this movie I posed that exact question to a round-table of voices within the BDSM world to find out what submitting to a partner, or dominating someone, means for them. It’s a super enlightening discussion with a following, extremely hot BDSM Scene with Lina Bembe and Owen Gray.


Watch it now on Lust Cinema



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