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XConfessions: Dominate Me

Can you handle this one, guys and girls? This is a story dripping with lust. A story about ecstasy in the land between pleasure and pain, where restriction can feel like the warmest embrace, and the lash of a whip like the softest kiss… My latest release in XConfessions is a BDSM story about a man who longs to be dominated by a woman. Ladies and gents – this is Dominate Me. Click the trailer NOW. That’s an order. 

BDSM has had a bit of a cultural moment in the past couple of years years – but often in the form of tales about women who enjoy submissive role-play. But what about the men who like to be sexually submissive? And the women who like to be dominant? Well, this film is dedicated to them. First off, I loved this confession:

“To the woman who’s master of my dreams, I beg:
Dominate me.
Tie me up with your silk scarf, scratch my skin with your nails, take me to my limits… step on me, walk over me, push me, sit on my face, use me, hurt me, yell at me, insult me…
I’ll be good, I won’t have wills.
I’ll obey all your commands.
Do with me what you will, I’m yours”

Confession by Obedlove19

To give this confession the justice it deserved I knew I needed performers with genuine experience, understanding and desire for submissive and dominant power-play. New to XConfessions, British-born and Berlin-based Bishop Black is a performance artist and Thai Yoga massage therapist (!) with plenty of bondage experience. He’s insanely present in his body, and was a dream to work with (read our interview with him here.) So was Silvia Rubi, who was mesmerizing in The Ultimate Kink recently. She is a real life dominatrix – so she’s the real deal!

Bishop Black and Silvia Rubi share an embrace on set. Two beautiful people who are a privilege to work with.

Both Silvia and Bishop know about the trust and respect needed for BDSM –  together these two had such natural chemistry and they shared many warm laughters between takes.

Their chemistry made for a sensory explosion unlike anything I’ve filmed before. Captured on camera together with magical lighting, music, and a gentle balancing of pain and pleasure, it makes for a spellbinding piece of film with an incredibly erotic charged atmosphere. I think you will really feel this one. When filming, I knew I wanted the viewer to feel like they’re there in the room with them, like an invisible voyeur, close enough to smell the warm skin.

“Lick!” she commands.

This short also has plenty of technical shots to really capture the beautiful details at the beginning, when Bishop is getting undressed, licked and bitten, and capturing Silvia’s sexy commands. The camera lingers so you can feel every nanosecond of desire and intensity.  I hope you will love this one. I know I do. 

“I’ll be good, I won’t have wills…I’ll obey all your commands.”
Silvia Rubi and Bishop Black, both looking amazing in those tattoos

Watch this film in XConfessions today. Also available in Lust Cinema from Friday.

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