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Drift between fantasy & reality in my new XConfession, Entr’acte

My new release on XConfessions is an abstract journey between fantasy and reality, the merging of two worlds – in front of and behind the camera. Starring two new performers, real life couple Dinah Sap and Jan Ehret, alongside the integral, fascinating behind-the-camera role of guest director Julia Patey. She examines the desires and sensations experienced as the voyeur or, in her case, director. Watch the trailer for Entr’acte here!
I’m a filmmaker, like you Erika. My spirit, my fervor, is focussed through my lens. My desire. I am fascinated by the distinction between reality and imagination – and bringing my own fantasies to life. I take pleasure in nurturing a fantasy, and then giving breath to it with actors. Watching them live out my desires through my lens, masochistically torturing myself, wanting to live out the dream myself. But being unable, forbidden, locked behind the camera. I watch their tongues dance across each other’s skin, I focus on the bead of sweat sliding along his temple. I see his hands touch her slit and make her begin to tremble, and I can feel the tremble beginning within myself. I know what I choose to look at will be what others see, how others experience my fantasy. Always on the outside, always the voyeur, always longing to join in.
From AnEroticFilmmaker’s confession Entr’acte.

Patey explores the common voyeur fantasy on an entirely new and sensory level. Based on the confession of an erotic filmmaker, this abstract short peers through the eyes, or the lens, of the filmmaker herself, creating a dialogue that transcends the space between performers and crew. Using a class wall, couple Dinah and Jan battle their lust for one another, unable to touch. We get to know them in an off-camera capacity, watching them get ready for their performance and relax together between scenes, with the interspersion of behind-the-scenes clips, in which we hear Patey’s directions.

As the glass wall is removed and the couple are finally close enough to smell and feel each other, Dinah and Jan can explore, but still mustn’t touch. As they become visibly aroused and begin to tremble, the tension increases as if you were there with them. We cut between the real and the fictional, diving into Dinah’s inner most thoughts and sharing her desires, as she imagines an intense and powerful sex scene. “You can fantasize about each other. It’s all in the mind…”

Entr’acte is a sensory overload. A flickering flame, breath on a pane of class, the layering of sound and image all work intricately together to excite and enhance our own desires. This short gets extremely close and personal, not only through artistic close ups and the use of skin as one of the aesthetics most important textures, but equally through an intimate recounting of an intensely loving relationship. I love how Dinah and Jan whisper to each other, almost too quietly for us to hear. We only see their pupils dilate and how aroused them become upon hearing those secret words.
Filmed in the incredible bar The Liberate in Berlin, the play of light and shadow and the plush golds and greens of the surroundings add immensely to the vibrant surrealism of this short! Despite this being her first adult cinema production, Patey brings her signature style by creating mood and unimaginable dimensions in this scene. I can’t wait to see what she does next! But for now, sit back, indulge and lose yourself in the imaginary world of lust and desire…

In XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessions? Register now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film

* All photos in this post are by Tina Dubrovsky

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