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Eat Her Right


After the release of  Try My Boyfriend, my inbox filled up with all sorts of messages: girls wishing Jay Smooth was their boyfriend, and guys asking how they could learn what Jay Smooth have learned. So what does it take for to master the art of the mind-blowing cunnilingus? To help shed some light on the issue, the girls in the Lust office had some tips to share on eating out.

So please, relax, make yourself home, and bon appétit!

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He was so good that his girlfriend had to share it! Try My Boyfriend, XC5

1. Profess Your Love For Her Pussy

Us women-folk grow up in a phallocentric world where society often signals that vaginas are weird and should be kept a secret. Billion dollar industries profit from us not being best friends with our bodies. And if we do break free from those worries, we might still worry about you getting tired if you’re diving down. So be understanding if she’s a little bit shy. Say that you are crazy about her pussy! Start warming up your lips by telling her that you love eating, that you can’t wait, that her pussy is the sexiest, that you’re so turned on.

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(Tr)eat your girl right. Wine is the Best Lubricant, XC5

2. Get Wet + Start Gentle

Make sure your tongue is wet enough. A dry tongue makes for a dry pussy. Too much spit on the other hand can feel cold and icky. Find out what she likes and find the right balance. Some girls like bites, some girls like soft kisses, some girls like fingerplay and others want strictly clit-action only. You can try all those things, but please pay attention to her reaction. The clitoris has over 8000 nerve endings! Always start gentle, and be prepared to stay gentle too.

Her hands. Everything you need to know, her hands will tell you. Dear Brother in Law, XC5

3. Eat Her Out Like An Ice Cream

Asking the girls in the office what kind of head they like best, all agreed on one move that always feels pretty fan-fucking-tastic: soft licks. “What kind of licks?”, I asked. A bit like the long licks you give an ice cream on a hot summer day? “Yep. That’s the one!” the girls agreed and looked at each other in recognition with mad eyes. It shouldn’t be so hard, considering you’ve been practicing since you were a toddler. So there you have it – the Ice Cream of Ecstasy.

It’s not all about the tongue: your breath, your fingers, you entirely! My Roomie’s Toy, XC5

4. Take Your Time + Pay Attention

It might take a while a while for her to climax. Make her feel relaxed, even though you might suffer from serious pussy eating jaw pain. Don’t make her feel like she is in a sort of orgasm race, because if you’re making it about you it just won’t happen. Feeling the pressure to come will only make her tense up. Pay attention to her reactions and hands: if she grabs your neck towards her, maybe try a little bit more pressure. If she pushes your forehead away, you might want to go easier on her clit. If her hands are nowhere near you but she is squeezing the pillow, then you’re doing something right.


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