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It is always great news when I know that my films will be showcased in theaters. That’s where you can really appreciate all the effort we put into every image we make (if my IT director allows me to say so, since he’s always super concerned with the quality of our streaming… don’t get mad at me Hugo, but size matters here!). The composition, the color, the editing, the sound. It is really a thrilling experience. Our “on tour reel” features a selection of the best short films so far, with a special cut for public screenings.

Not every film festival dares to feature explicit content, which is fine because we end up working with the best of the best, the most innovative and edgy! I have always been a fan of London`s Raindance, and the fact that they have scheduled a screening of XConfessions make me super happy. It’s one of the best indie film fests on this side of the Atlantic, so this is just a dream come true. This will happen in September, stay tuned for the precise dates.

Then in October I will fly to Chicago International Film Festival. I am surrounded by great names and can’t feel but humbly honored. Yep, I will be present in both events and will have a Q&A to discuss my filmography and the new female approach to sex and cinema. If you join us in any of these venues, I can guarantee that you will leave the cinema happy, amused and hopefully in the mood for sex and love.

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