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Eternal Love and Mysterious Art In ‘Ink Is My Blood’

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Ink is my blood – by Erika Lust

‘I wish we could become ink ourselves, existing for all eternity within the pages of a book, immortal in our passion.’


Watch the trailer of INK IS MY BLOOD above!


This week I proudly present ‘Ink Is My Blood’ on! There were a lot of first times as a director for me in this one (yes even after almost 10 years of being a director and producer there are still loads of first-times 😉 ). It was the first time I collaborated with an illustration artist and my first time working with animation.

Ink Is My Blood was inspired by the works of the mysterious artist Apollonia Saintclair. Apollonia’s illustrations are legendary. She has been featured in many books about illustration and erotic art and before her original Instagram account got deleted she had millions of followers! We started working with Apollonia for our XConfessions website and from the very beginning I was fascinated by her perspectives, the way she combines erotica with emotions, comedy with pain. Apollonia is a very private artist who doesn’t seek the spotlight. I am not going to lie it was kind of hard to get to her about collaborating on a movie 😉 But when she finally replied to all my, probably very annoying, messages we knew pretty much straight away that we could come up with something very special together!

The movie might seem very abstract at first but when you look a little closer it’s pretty simple: It’s about real, unapologetic love. Love that feels eternal, like ink on a page in a book, passion that never ceases to amaze and pleasure that goes beyond the physical sphere. Not an easy task to bring across on camera! I love the animation part in it. Like I said it was my first time working with animation and I think I’ll do it again!

Luckily we knew just the perfect, real-life couple! We invited Moth and Rust back to XConfessions for their second movie. The two have been performing together for a long time and you can see the love they have for each other in every kiss and every touch. Like in their first movie, ‘Sex Work Is Work Part. 2‘, it was great to work with them and I am very satisfied with the result.



🖤 Check Out Apollonia’s work here! 🖤

My love was sent to me through time and space. He was bound to lay beside me before he breathed his first breath. Our love transcends ordinary reality and drags me to the deepest depths of profound intimacy. There is no present, no past, no future. There are our two bodies that upon uniting become not just flesh and blood but paper and ink, silk and feather, light and darkness. Never before have I see the grace and art of our love transposed into erotica, but I know that love, intimacy, raw passion and tenderness, pleasure and orgasm, all exist beyond the physical. I wish we could become ink ourselves, existing for all eternity within the pages of a book, immortal in our passion.

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🖤 Watch the exclusive Interview with Most and Rust HERE 🖤

🖤Read my interview with Apollonia🖤





Take a look Behind the Scenes below!

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All photos in this post are by Adriana Eskenazi

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