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Everything is For You, a film by Nico Bertrand

In his own words, Nico Bertrand is a Director, Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Editor, Photographer and Writer. Yes, that’s a lot of things and yes, he really does it all. He also happens to be the director of today’s release in Lust Cinema, a pretty hot short film entitled Everything is For You:

As I have been a good submissive, Lily has decided to give me my deserved reward, a session of aggressive lesbian sex with tons of chemistry.

Dressed in her leather suit, she combines passionate kisses with slaps, scratches and a good spanking. Then she puts my panties around my mouth and fucks me hard with her strap-on until I came. I came three times and at the end she gave me a long kiss full of caresses to told me I’m hers. 


The film is full of close-ups, so it’s like you’re almost touching her skins. There’s big attention to all the senses and the rhythm is super hot! And when it comes to the cast, it should be enough to know you’ll see Amarna Miller and Lily Cade in a high tension chemistry explosion…


There’s oral, a big blue strap-on, some sweet tender BDSM (Lily’s great at it!) and a collar that says “Property of Lily Cane”. And Amarna’s beautiful blue eyes, of course!


Nico is also the founder of the production company Darkness Studios and has several other films. Soon, some of them will be available in my Store, so if you like his style stay tuned for more!


Watch it now at Lust Cinema!


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