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Exhibitionism at it’s finest in Outdoor Sex!


Living in Barcelona, it’s pretty easy to shoot my XConfessions films in the great outdoors – we have at least 6 months of the year where it’s comfortable to get totally naked right in the middle of nature – and even in snowy season we’ve managed to do it! Getting back to nature and enjoying some good old fashioned exhibitionism will always be thrilling, so I’ve curated the best of the best for you. Announcing….:

Outdoor Sex: Get Back to Nature for Some Alfresco Fun!

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Featuring 6 films directed by Erika Lust, don’t miss the incredibly popular stranger fantasy of two people meeting on a beach in El chico de la playa nudista. Maria Agrado and Mickey Mod get up to some cheeky public sex on a naughty hike, featuring cameos from the YouTube sensations Melanie Murphy and Hannah Witton in Public Submission. Boat Buddies with Benefits features a two fuck buddies having the time of their lives on yacht; Let’s Do It Folla’m! is an erotic thriller in the snowy mountains; Rush of the Forbidden follows two strangers meeting in the woods for a public thrill; and a nervous first time flyer hooks up with his pilot in Come Fly With Me.

Plus, Nuria Nia directs La Mujer y el Pescador, featuring real-life couple Jowy and Eze as two strangers who meet in a Spanish cove on the Costa Brava.

Watch it now!

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Buy the Collection here!

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