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Fall is the season of sex!

leavesfallen_leaf Autumn is here! fallen_leafleaves

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If you are like me and live in Barcelona, there might be a tiny part of you that is relieved the incredible heat is gone for another year. No more walking home from the office and sweating out of every pore! No more sitting at a Metro station and feeling the sweat drip down your back! Autumn is here and with it, the leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter and the warm jumpers are being dragged from the backs of our closets.

Image from “I Put A Pagan Spell On You” on XConfessions Vol.7


But even more exciting than that is the apparently increased desire to snuggle down under the bed sheets with our other halves, play partners and spouses. And it turns out, it’s not just the temperature! After stumbling across the Huffington Post’s piece on how Autumn affects our sex lives, I discovered some interesting facts that may lift your spirits now that summer is over and… Winter Is Coming!


“The leaves may be falling…but your libido? Expect it to rise. Autumn is the season when our levels of testosterone — associated with sex drive—are higher than at any other time, several studies found, that tracked hormone levels year-round (and yes, this applies to women, too).”


Image from “I Put A Pagan Spell On You” from XConfessions Vol.7


One theory is that during the Autumn our testosterone levels rise – making us all more keen to have sex, and finding each other that little bit more attractive. We also want to create more warmth on the inside, because our outsides are cold. So grab a mug of tea or cocoa, as apparently sharing hot drinks not only increases feelings of warmth and a desire to feel warm in all other ways, cocoa contains flavonoids, which also increase the blood flow to your penis…


And just to add to the Autumnal snuggly sex vibe, I am offering a free download of one of my XConfessions erotic films!


It is gorgeously season appropriate, based on an anonymous confession written as a poem, about putting a love spell on a man in 1772. Two of my most loved performers, who I am working with a lot, Vex Ashley and Owen Gray star – and their chemistry is unbelievable! So if you buy any item from my Lust Store today, you will have an extra excuse to grab your partner, cosy on down under the covers and watch something that will warm both of you up in the most thrilling manner….

Download from the Lust Store in English, German, French or Spanish 🙂

Image from “I Put A Pagan Spell On You” from XConfessions Vol.7


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